Starting a little Garden in your Backyard Have Strong positives change on your family and your life .

I been wanting to write about something I found extremely help for home owners and future home owners . As a Parent I am always looking for ways to build a family bonding with out using Technology . We have play board games , we have for walks around the town . We also work together on the plant pots and also my worm bins . For this Topic I will talk about the benefits of growing a garden in your back yard or even have some pots with some plant in side your apartment or House .

There are 5 life changing benefits from have your own garden

  1. This teach your children were food come for the earth . It teach them how We need Nature and we are in a Cycle of Life . How everything in nature has purpose and how we can work with nature .
  2. Gardening has always been known to be Therapeutic . Gardening also help someone relax remove the stress from their minds . Grounding is other belief from working on the garden with barefeet . Grounding help giving you energy electrons from the earth ( this has been amazing beliefs in my life )
  3. Building up pride and creatively in your family and you . See what you planted grow bring you and family some much joy and see it grow through the cycles of growth .
  4. Beliefing from the Fruits of your labor . Getting to get your owe fresh plants or making teas from them in some cases. .
  5. Helping the environment , Help you remember the importantes of earth , Also help you understand soil and natural Minerals that it provides . You also can start to compost your food scraps to help you gardens . You start to understand the inportants of Leaves breaking down . You get back to Nature which in fact help you save the plant for your kids and your neighbors kids .

So really think about starting a garden . If you do please keep it as organic and natural to your enviroment as possible . Be the small change you want to see in the world by starting at home .

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The Main Key To Understanding the Rise in Mortgage Rates

The Main Key To Understanding the Rise in Mortgage Rates | MyKCM

Every Thursday, Freddie Mac releases the results of their Primary Mortgage Market Survey which reveals the most recent movement in the 30-year fixed mortgage rate. Last week, the rate was announced as 3.01%. It was the first time in three months that the mortgage rate surpassed 3%. In a press release accompanying the survey, Sam Khater, Chief Economist at Freddie Mac, explains:

“Mortgage rates rose across all loan types this week as the 10-year U.S. Treasury yield reached its highest point since June.”

The Main Key To Understanding the Rise in Mortgage Rates | MyKCM
The Main Key To Understanding the Rise in Mortgage Rates | MyKCM

The reason Khater mentions the 10-year U.S. Treasury yield is because there has been a very strong relationship between the yield and the 30-year mortgage rate over the last five decades. Here’s a graph showing that relationship:The relationship has also been consistent throughout 2021 as evidenced by this graph:The graph also reveals the most recent jump in mortgage rates was preceded by a jump in the 10-year Treasury rate (called out by the red circles).

So, What Impacts the Yield Rate?

According to Investopedia:

“There are a number of economic factors that impact Treasury yields, such as interest rates, inflation, and economic growth.”

Since there are currently concerns about inflation and economic growth due to the pandemic, the Treasury yield spiked last week. That spike impacted mortgage rates.

What Does This Mean for You?

Khater, in the Freddie Mac release mentioned above, says:

“We expect mortgage rates to continue to rise modestly which will likely have an impact on home prices, causing them to moderate slightly after increasing over the last year.”

Nadia Evangelou, Senior Economist and Director of Forecasting for the National Association of Realtors (NAR), also addresses the issue:

“Consumers shouldn’t panic. Keep in mind that even though rates will increase in the following months, these rates will still be historically low. The National Association of REALTORS forecasts the 30-year fixed mortgage rate to reach 3.5% by mid-2022.”

Bottom Line

Forecasting mortgage rates is very difficult. As Mark Fleming, Chief Economist at First American, once quipped:

“You know, the fallacy of economic forecasting is don’t ever try and forecast interest rates and or, more specifically, if you’re a real estate economist mortgage rates, because you will always invariably be wrong.”

That being said, if you’re either a first-time homebuyer or a current homeowner thinking of moving into a home that better fits your current needs, keep abreast of what’s happening with mortgage rates. It may very well impact your decision.