Mortgage Rates Forecast . What lenders will never say but I will #73

So this article , Will Be the History of Mortgage Rates from 1971 to 2020 .

As you can See the in the graph bellow You Can See That Mortgage interest Rate went from 6% in the 1971 To 17% plus in the 1980’s . In today We have 2.96% . As you can see the graph it has change . You maybe say way you writing about this . I want you to see That Rates have been drop from the 1980 . You maybe shopping for a House the Real estate agent saying Don’t waste Time Buy now this the lowest Ever They can go back up . Please remember this graph if anyone tell you this . You maybe have jump back up but it has been treading down for 40 Years .

Now you always want check the Buying Power meter

This most important see How House Price , and interest , Taxes , Home insurance will effect your monthly payment .

Now I going to tell you something the Lenders will not tell you . In the next 4 Years your interest rates will be dropping . Each Year by at least by .25% You maybe say What is this Guy talking about How can you see This . Look for what the Federal Reserve is Doing with interest rates to the Banks as you may See it as close to 0% as possible with out being 0% or even Europe Rates What are some places negative .

In the United States You will start see low and lower rates put you will see higher and higher point Buying Fees . There will Be a increase in closing Cost . Most Lenders will not speak about this to their Customers . I don’t know why but most Lenders Don’t Read Freddie Mac & Freddie Mae Reports

I Think Lenders like most Real Estate Agent look at everything Short Term . The Deal in Front of them .