How to Make Moving Easier on Your Kids

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Moving can be tough on kids, whether you’re moving to the other side of town or to the other
side of the country––or somewhere in between. Kids have to bid farewell to the comfortable and
the familiar, facing a new life with a new house, new school, and new friends. While moving
certainly brings with it plenty of excitement, it can also be an anxious time for your kids. Help
ease the stress of moving with these tips to implement before and during your move.

Highlight the Positive

When you tell your children about the move, do so in a positive light. Instead of dwelling on the
sadness and the inevitable goodbyes that come with moving, give your kids something to get
excited about. Perhaps your soccer-loving son will be delighted to hear about his new school’s
stellar soccer program. Maybe your new neighborhood comes with plenty of community features
like walking trails and a pool. If you’re moving closer to family, your kids will love to hear that
grandma and grandpa or cousins are close by. By framing the move positively, you can help
generate excitement about your next adventure.

Address Concerns

Undoubtedly, your kids are going to have plenty of questions as moving day approaches.
Answer any questions and address any concerns as openly and honestly as you can. You can
even share with your child that you have similar concerns, showing that moving brings with it a
little apprehension for mom and dad, too. Keep lines of communication open so that your
children can come to you anytime they need a pep talk about moving.

Visit Your New Area

If possible, visit your new area before moving day. Doing so allows your children to connect with
their new area and help you make important decisions. For example, you might be choosing
between a couple of school districts. Schedule a tour at each school so that the kids can get a
sense for each one. Let older kids tag along when you’re looking for houses, and ask them for
their opinion. While you’re in town, visit a fun spot, such as a zoo, aquarium, park, or popular
local restaurant, so that kids can experience life in their new city.

Create a Comfortable Space

Adapting to a new home can be challenging for some kids, especially those who were
particularly attached to their old home. Work with your child to transform your new home into a
comfortable space that truly feels like it’s theirs. Have them help you decorate their room, from
choosing the paint color to setting up the furniture in a layout they love. Furnish your space with
favorite toys––or maybe a few new ones, too. An outdoor playhouse or toddler basketball hoop
delivers plenty of fun for your kids.

Bring Some Memories With You

Moving doesn’t mean you have to say goodbye to your old city forever. Help your kids stay
connected to what still may feel like home to help ease the transition. Share contact information
with friends so that the kids can write, email, or video chat. Create a memory box filled with
mementos of your favorite moments from your old home. Add pictures of old friends to your
kids’ rooms, reminding them that while they may no longer be close by, they still have those
important friendships to hold onto.

Ease the apprehension and ramp up the excitement by making moving day easier for your kids.
A positive attitude, open communication, and some fun surprises can make moving a less
stressful experience for the entire family.

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