Mortgage Rates Forecast . What lenders will never say but I will #73

So this article , Will Be the History of Mortgage Rates from 1971 to 2020 .

As you can See the in the graph bellow You Can See That Mortgage interest Rate went from 6% in the 1971 To 17% plus in the 1980’s . In today We have 2.96% . As you can see the graph it has change . You maybe say way you writing about this . I want you to see That Rates have been drop from the 1980 . You maybe shopping for a House the Real estate agent saying Don’t waste Time Buy now this the lowest Ever They can go back up . Please remember this graph if anyone tell you this . You maybe have jump back up but it has been treading down for 40 Years .

Now you always want check the Buying Power meter

This most important see How House Price , and interest , Taxes , Home insurance will effect your monthly payment .

Now I going to tell you something the Lenders will not tell you . In the next 4 Years your interest rates will be dropping . Each Year by at least by .25% You maybe say What is this Guy talking about How can you see This . Look for what the Federal Reserve is Doing with interest rates to the Banks as you may See it as close to 0% as possible with out being 0% or even Europe Rates What are some places negative .

In the United States You will start see low and lower rates put you will see higher and higher point Buying Fees . There will Be a increase in closing Cost . Most Lenders will not speak about this to their Customers . I don’t know why but most Lenders Don’t Read Freddie Mac & Freddie Mae Reports

I Think Lenders like most Real Estate Agent look at everything Short Term . The Deal in Front of them .


How to Make Moving Easier on Your Kids

Author Bio: Cristin Howard runs Smart Parent Advice, a site that provides parenting advice for
moms and dads. Cristin writes about all of the different ups and downs of parenting, provides
solutions to common challenges, and reviews products that parents need to purchase for babies
and toddlers.
Moving can be tough on kids, whether you’re moving to the other side of town or to the other
side of the country––or somewhere in between. Kids have to bid farewell to the comfortable and
the familiar, facing a new life with a new house, new school, and new friends. While moving
certainly brings with it plenty of excitement, it can also be an anxious time for your kids. Help
ease the stress of moving with these tips to implement before and during your move.

Highlight the Positive

When you tell your children about the move, do so in a positive light. Instead of dwelling on the
sadness and the inevitable goodbyes that come with moving, give your kids something to get
excited about. Perhaps your soccer-loving son will be delighted to hear about his new school’s
stellar soccer program. Maybe your new neighborhood comes with plenty of community features
like walking trails and a pool. If you’re moving closer to family, your kids will love to hear that
grandma and grandpa or cousins are close by. By framing the move positively, you can help
generate excitement about your next adventure.

Address Concerns

Undoubtedly, your kids are going to have plenty of questions as moving day approaches.
Answer any questions and address any concerns as openly and honestly as you can. You can
even share with your child that you have similar concerns, showing that moving brings with it a
little apprehension for mom and dad, too. Keep lines of communication open so that your
children can come to you anytime they need a pep talk about moving.

Visit Your New Area

If possible, visit your new area before moving day. Doing so allows your children to connect with
their new area and help you make important decisions. For example, you might be choosing
between a couple of school districts. Schedule a tour at each school so that the kids can get a
sense for each one. Let older kids tag along when you’re looking for houses, and ask them for
their opinion. While you’re in town, visit a fun spot, such as a zoo, aquarium, park, or popular
local restaurant, so that kids can experience life in their new city.

Create a Comfortable Space

Adapting to a new home can be challenging for some kids, especially those who were
particularly attached to their old home. Work with your child to transform your new home into a
comfortable space that truly feels like it’s theirs. Have them help you decorate their room, from
choosing the paint color to setting up the furniture in a layout they love. Furnish your space with
favorite toys––or maybe a few new ones, too. An outdoor playhouse or toddler basketball hoop
delivers plenty of fun for your kids.

Bring Some Memories With You

Moving doesn’t mean you have to say goodbye to your old city forever. Help your kids stay
connected to what still may feel like home to help ease the transition. Share contact information
with friends so that the kids can write, email, or video chat. Create a memory box filled with
mementos of your favorite moments from your old home. Add pictures of old friends to your
kids’ rooms, reminding them that while they may no longer be close by, they still have those
important friendships to hold onto.

Ease the apprehension and ramp up the excitement by making moving day easier for your kids.
A positive attitude, open communication, and some fun surprises can make moving a less
stressful experience for the entire family.

For More information on Subjects about Parenting Visit Cristin Howard At Smart Parent Advice . Ryan and Cristin Have a great Blog . They kind to heart to want to share this Post on my Blog . I am truly grateful for this guest Post .

Is You Real Estate Agent Your Advocate? Question All Customers Must ask . # 72

Definition Advocate-a person who speaks or writes in support or defense of a person, cause, etc.

 In this day in age with technology and the world of information. As consumers and even as professionals are overwhelmed with data information and the ability to easily access everything. can Filter through all of this information at times . When I started real estate days we’re different I held all the information  Buyers and Seller  needed the real estate agents for access of this information.   So agents did not have to build their craft and skills. I know many agents did not know the art of negotiation and even understanding their product houses.

I watched as Zillow and other Technologies change the industry I made the better agents better.   The low-hanging fruit real estate agent worthless. I’m not here to judge any agent .  If you as a buyer or seller . Are not learning from your process  of the purchase or Selling from your Real Estate agent. You Feeling like you cant ask any question of your Real Estate agent . Then you dont have advocate Real Estate agent on your Side .

I watch Family Member purchase House with out even understanding How property Tax Assessment Work Because They didn’t want work with Buyer agent or even check with me and I fail to educate them . They thought They were saving money . All Real Estate Agent are all the same . I find the house ( online ) and They just open the Door . Most are nice but they don’t add anything . In some Cases My Family Member are correct not all Real Estate Agent are equal . All New York Real Estate agent need to have license to do your jobs but some just do a job . Some work their passions . They want to learn everything they can so they can best educate their Buyers and Sellers .

I have seen Buyer purchase there house with out ever see CMA (comparable market analysis) Most Buyer or Seller don’t even know what this is . I angry say it Real Estate Agent dropping the Ball as an real Estate agent . I say this to the Agent you Failed . Every Deal Buyer and Seller Should have seen this Report . Doesn’t matter it Fasting moving market or Slow moving Market .

Real Estate ever changing so Its the Real Estate agent to stay a head of the Market . They can do this by always putting their Clients interest first . Real Estate Agent who are Advocates understand this . You will see this in everything they do in the Real Estate Business .

Real Estate agent are not to be perfect but they must be Truth worthy everything they do in this Business . Work to be the Best . As markets Change With More and More Technology . It will be More and More important for Customers to find Advocates Real Estate Agent .

If you Think all Real Estate agents are worthless . Remember you most then think your worthless .

Have Awesome Day . I hope you enjoyed this article

FEAR IN Buying or Selling your House .#71

So This Year 2020 Has Been a must say Crazy one For The World . I Stop Writing my Blog post back in March in the State of Shut Down . I Start Questions everything What happening , How is this going to effect my Income , my investments , my family , my friends and the world as whole . I start building Fear to the unknown . I didn’t know what to do . So I did one think I know best to do to deal with Fear see what I am fear build it to the extreme in my mind . Then Release it and let my life Flow Have Fun . As much Fun I can have as much as I did when I was 7 years old . I played with my children and hang out with wife . I read more books and watch more You tube Videos . This article Come to my mind . Sometimes we do things in Fear with out thought .

Human At a Basic Level move away from Pain to Pleasure at all Cost . Sometime The Pain is mask by Fear (which is worry ) 90% of the time what you Fear or Worry about doesn’t happen . Some People would say but that still leave you with 10% change of things going wrong Correct but Studies find they never as bad as you made it out to be .

“The only place that fear can exist is in our thoughts of the future. It is a product of our imagination, causing us to fear things that do not at present and may not ever exist. Do not misunderstand me danger is very real but fear is a choice.” “

So after all this Rant you maybe asking why you talk Fear has to do with Buying or Selling . You have to look at why your buying and why your Selling ? Question Yourself More and More If you see that There Fear in your Reasoning really look at it . I am here to say you should not be doing anything because you Fear it . It never works easy . please don’t mistake Fear with Fear of moving trying something New . What I saying is more like Fear of the Interest Rating Going up so I going to need buy now , or I need to Sell because I Fear Laws are changing Deductions . I have seen it myself when I did thing because Fear Drove me to do it . It always doesn’t work out will because I feed into the Fear .

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