Some Real Estate Agent still Believe “Buyers are Liars ” # 70

Fake Information That Hurt Buyers and Agents Relationships

Hello Everyone , Today Topic is about a Saying I have hear through out my Real Estate Career All 14 Years . I always want to talk this because this always bug me . At a time in my life this saying came from Real Estate Agent who I respect until they said this saying . I still love them so If your reading this I still love you all but I just put in the top sale person ranking

I just think this Say “Buyers are Liars” Really can hurt your Business . I never understood How the Real Estate agent saying this didn’t see How it hurting their Business . They( agents ) themselves are Buyers . Maybe not a House every day but they purchase needs and wants weekly . How You see a Buyer is How you see yourself in the truth Form . Don’t believe look at yourself in you always saying everything is so expensive I bet you think everything you see is expensive in your mind . Each day you should ask If you see people as liars . How do you think people see you ?

I have seen this Real Estate agent who believe Buyers are Liars . Get what they believe Buyers play games with them . I also seen them play games with Buyers . Becomes both parties Agent and Buyer doesn’t trust each other . Each have grown to mistrust.

I have also seen Famous Training Coach say we not Real estate Business for People we are in for Money . I not saying I against money but I learn one think from Sales . The More people you can help get what they want the more you get what you want quote from Zig Ziglar . Which is a true Real great Sales Trainer . If you in Sales you should get everything this man ever wrote or audio Tapes .

So this Statement about Buyers are Liars . Buyer should be asking Agents what Feel about working with Buyers . Do they enjoy Servicing people ? In Some cases there are Salespeople who care more about the Sell then building relationship with Clients . I will say one think the more you can build relationship the more you end up selling more Houses . So this Agent are only looking at the short term . They truly losing and losing client trust.

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