If you live in Westchester : You must eat at Johny’s Pizzeria : #68

So you maybe asking Yourself Why is Nuno Writing about a Pizzeria place . Why not make a list of the best pizzeria in Westchester NY you may ask . I going let you know I love Pizza when I mean I love pizza I eaten in almost every pizzeria from Putnam County To Southen part Westchester Country .

There is a lot great pizzeria in Westchester . I will late one day make a list of all the great pizzeria’s in Blog Post . Today I going to talk about the 1# Hands Down the Best Pizzeria in Westchester .

Most of All Why I am Writing about Johnny is because I lived in Westchester county for 35 years. I only found Johnny in 2010 because my Girlfriend at the time now wife took me there . I was living in Mt Vernon at the time . This was Happy day but also a Sad one . I eat two pies celebrate that I had found Heaven . At the same time I felt great sorrow I don’t know about Johnny’s earlier in life . I have Family that lived up the block , I living in Mt Vernon and had worked up the block I know sad . You will understand once you eat the pizza my sorrow . I writing this because I don’t want anyone else missing out .So I write this article to say at least someone in Westchester County told you about Johnny’s .

Rules To Johnnys

They Close on Sunday & Mondays

They only Take Cash . Don’t Bring plastic

They only Sell pies No Slices .

Parking Sucks so don’t go with anyone who complains a lot . Leave them at home .

This a great Family place if you love the Yankees Welcome Home

They also Sell other good Foods But if you leave there with out trying the Pizza . You truly missing out Pizza Heaven . I also say one thing more if you complain you have wait for Pizza Heaven you also suck as person in my Book .

This is a family owned and run Restaurant.

Here is one their many great Reviews :

Johnny’s serves a New York style Neoplitan pizza in the vein of Lombardi’s, Patsy’s and Pepe’s; except that it stands apart as unique in taste & construction. The pie is dressed with what appears to the uneducated as to much sauce and not enough cheese on a crust so thin that is should fall apart; but nothing could be farther from the truth. The pizza at Johnny’s is as exemplary and unique in taste as it is in construction.

It surprises me how Johnny’s has not been written up in the NY Times and heralded on the Food Network, which Johnny’s deserves. However, from a very self centered standpoint I am glad it has not been because I might not be able to get a table and therefore truly deprived of greatness.

Johnny’s may very well be the most unique pizza made in the U.S. and it should be held among the ranks of the best in America.

History about Johnny Est 1942 Website http://www.johnnys1942.com/

JOE [1939-2016]Our Dad, Joseph, was born to March 25, 1939 to Joseph and Concetta Piscopo. He is the last to be born out of 16 children. He was raised with his oldest brothers, Johnny, Frankie and Sonny along with his sisters Anna and Maria. One brother Anthony died before he was born. He was raised in Mount Vernon.New York and attended Edison High School. On July 4, 1942 our grandfather Joseph opened up Johnny’s Pizzeria on East 3rd Street in Mount Vernon for his oldest son Johnny. They served thin crust pizza and other Italian dishes. Our grandmother Concetta worked in the kitchen making her delicious sauce and meatballs while Grandpa, Uncle Johnny, Uncle Sonny and Uncle Frank worked up front making the pizza’s. Our Aunt Anna and Aunt Marie would also help out at the pizzeria. As our father got older, and his responsibilities changed, he helped in the family business. He would say it wasn’t easy, cause, if you wanted to go out and play with your friends, you would have to work for it – he had to chop the wood for the coal ovens in the store before being allowed to go out and play. As the years went on and the times changed he continued to work in the family business. He met the love of his life, Maria Colabella, at his sister Annie’s family cookout. They married on May 9, 1970 and celebrated 46 happy years together this past year. They welcomed four loving children into their lives, Joseph (Preziosa), Ricky, Concetta (Raul) and Tina (Michael) making many happy memories. He was the proud Pop-Pop to Brianna, Joey, Christian and Ava. They were the joys of his life. He taught them so much in such a short time. Our dad believed in family values. On Holidays he would visit the deceased member’s first and then visited the living. That’s how he was brought up and how he taught us. He believed in Sunday dinners and in big family barbeques. Holidays were the most important part of family, to him that’s what family was all about, being together! His favorite saying was “enjoy it while you can because once we go, you can’t get it back”. After many years working with his brothers John and Frank, our dad took over the family business. He continued to build the legacy along with his wife Maria and their children, Joseph, Ricky, Concetta and Tina. Also involved working in the business was his daughter in law Prez and son in law Michael and, most recently, his grandchildren Brianna and Joey. Even Christian and Ava would try to get involved. This past July 4th they Celebrated 74 Years in business. Growing up we all learned that nothing was given to us, we had to work for it. Our dad loved life, he loved his family, he loved his game of golf and of course he said it never rained on the golf course. LOL He especially loved his NY Yankees, the New York Giants and his Monday night Wrestling. He loved it when his family gathered upstate at the Ponderosa. He liked to see us all enjoy ourselves from riding on the quads to swimming in the pool. He even used to make fun of my mother when we all used to come over and she. would cook for 30 people and there was only 10 of us. Our dad touched the lives of his nieces, nephews, cousins and dear friends. He appreciated when they visited him and all the conversations that they shared. There is so much to say about our dad that words cannot describe. We know our dad is no longer in pain. He doesn’t have to get poked and pinched from dialysis. He doesn’t have to suffer, He is at peace. He is probably having an anchovy pie with Uncle Johnny and drinking wine with his mom, dad and the rest of his family in heaven. Dad, you left us too soon. We said goodbye but it wasn’t supposed to be forever. It won’t be easy to part from you, but we will always have our memories. You taught us family first and we only have each other because when “Mommy and Daddy are gone” memories are all that you can hold onto. You also taught us to stick together, be happy and most importantly Love each other. We miss you Daddy, the Pizzeria won’t be the same without you. May God bless and watch over all of us. We Love you, and will see you someday in Heaven.

So Tell your Friends Go there and Remember who told You Nuno that Realtor with Blog . Look Forward other great places in Westchester county