Selling to an Investor Say No in most Cases : # 67

So Sometimes as a Homeowner you have seen Signs on main Street saying “We Buy Your House Cash ” . You Have seen Websites That sent up meetings with investors looking in Your Area and you .

What you should know about selling your house to an investor?

  • Selling to an investor saves time and hassle, but it’s not for everyone.
  • Personal situations, like a job relocation, divorce or potential foreclosure, are some common reasons people end up quickly selling a home to an investor.
  • There’s a new type of home investor, called an iBuyer or Buy on Demand.
  • Whether you sell to a traditional investor or an iBuyer, you can expect a quicker close, an as-is sale and an all-cash offer.
  • When selling to a private investor without a listing agent, you need to do your research to protect yourself from scams. There are plenty of companies that buy houses — make sure to use a reputable one.

Why you can lose a lot of Money because you sell to investor ?

This part of the topic I going to share my experience maybe this will help a lot of readers and please pass this information on . In most case I never like investors who go after Homeowners Directly . I going to say most case investor maybe Honest and Straight forward . Most case the Seller losing 10-30% of their Home Value . I have seen investors understand pricing and Homeowners not under pricing and estimating worth . The investor take advantage of the Home owners situation need to Sell .

Home Owner need to do their Home work . You can get Free Report at . You can always Call in a Real Estate Agent for Home Value . You Can always Hire an Real Estate agent to Represent .

The investor will do their Home work . They will know everything they need to know when they give you an offer . Most investors are working on know why your selling , How they can work that to their favor . How they can get a Traditional Buyer to purchase your property right away . They thinking about what repairs the house need to make the most of the House Value .

I have Help my investor in my early career take advantage of unknowing Homeowners with information which I didn’t know they were using to get an unbelievable deal with Owners knowledge . This why I writing this . Please understand Realtors need by their Board of Realtors need to be Honest in Dealing with you . Investor always prey on Homeowners who need money . They practice and prefect their skills on get the best deal for their self

If you get a call from investor and you think about selling because need to sell . Get Help you be amazed how many Realtors love to help people out there . They want help their community .

If you need someone my Team always here .