Why you need this Book In Your Home : “Home Your House Works”by Charlie Wing : #64

Hello Everyone Today Article . Is about a Book That add a great amount of Value to your Homeowner Life . So I am a Son of a Construction worker . I want to share with you this story because with in this story you understand why this book is important . I was born to go into some kind of Housing work . Growing up with my Father I played in Construction sites before I ever played in play grounds . I learn how to curse but most importantly I learned about Housing . I love it because I loved my Dad . This Build a Bond between us . So I ask every Question I could ask my father about Housing Construction to Sewer Line questions . You name it I want more information from him about it .

This is something my Dad loved because he love talking about work . I wasn’t handy with my Hands but the knowledge I was getting from my Dad would later come to help me with my Real Estate Career .

I became a Real Estate agent at 27 years old . I still was Renter and Still don’t much of Value to give to Seller or Buyer clients expect my Hunger to succeeded and this knowledge that my Father shared with me for the past 23 Years . Would become my Secret Weapon to becoming amazing Real Estate agent . I may say myself :).

Later in my Career I realized not everyone had my Dad in their lifes . There were a lot people who really need to get some knowledge about “How a House worked” . So I start to purchase this book for Buyer who search for the knowledge . You maybe asking why not all buyers . I don’t want the book going to waste I thought at the Time

Until one day around April 2017 I get a call from a past buyer client now Homeowner who having an issue with basement with water . I ask did you call anyone she said yes a Contractor who said the basement need to be water proofed and would cost her 5,000Dollars to do the work . I being curious I ask can I come by and you show me what the Contractor plans to do . So she said sure . As I walk around the basement I noted the sump pump so look into the Hole were I note that Sump pump float had broken . See below to diagram .

This all because my Dad had explain sump pumps to me . I was able to get a friend . MY Friend and I we able to install the Sump pump of cost 250 Dollars . I couldn’t do by myself again because I wasn’t handy . I just know how to find the issue and help guide solve the issue. .

This when I noted I never gave them the Book “How the House Worked ” If I had I think they would have been better prepared to interview the contractor . So Now I praise this Book . I think everyone should have it on their bookshelves .

Even if your not Handy understanding what is need to be done or were the issue maybe coming from help you SAVE MONEY and no one can take advantage of you .

So anyone who want give Awesome amazing House Warming Gift . Give them this Book ” How The House Worked ” By Charlie Wing . Below is my Amazon Affiliate link . If you purchase using the link a little money comes my way . The Book is around 10.00$. Again I am not writing about this book or giving a story to help Sell this book . I know a little knowledge can help save you later in life not fall for untruthful person or just someone not see the right problem . I use it like a priest use his Bible . I read it from time to time. Use it like resource when I get a call from past client or I have issue at my property

I hope you enjoyed this article because I must say it . Really was nice to write about my Father . He was my First Hero and my Greatest supporter even when I made mistakes .