Organizing Your Home ? What Can it Do For You Mental State . # 63

So Many Times I as Real Estate agents . I have walk into a House that with Clutter , the mess and Dirtiness . I just want to leave asap and even take 2-3 Showers . Feeling like I am Ace Venture in Pet Detective . I Don’t even want the present or even Sit Down . All the Time I asking myself How can Some one Live like this .

After Years of Study I understand why people live in Mess and Dirtiness . We are get a long look into their minds . This why Teenagers are commonly can be messy their growing up there is so much going on in their lives . Pressures , Fears of unknown ,trying to make everyone Happy and Finding themselves . The Clutter Connection will explain more Detail which I can’t . Clean up and your life will be set you reaching all your Goals .

So When You Start Your Organization Start by Focusing on one Room at a Time . I have seen people Focus on the Full picture . Start Small with Bathrooms First . Great Blog to look at with alot information This were I got the Cool Check list . I not one to understand what is all need to organized but I understand the importance . You want a lesser crazy life Clean and DE-Cluttered your House .

Once You De-Cluttered , Organize and Clean . You should put time in your calendar to keep up with keeping it organized . You will see your Life improve .

Don’t also move everything in Draws just to not look at them . If you need it you should be using it . If not using the idea you should really thing about Selling it or Giving it away . If its a collection . You should make it into a display Don’t Think it cant be done you have let everything go to far . Start small each week you task is to go for one room . There is organization that take everything . They come to your House . . Have issue with organization your issue keep living in clutter . Then when you can’t get the price that you desire for your House . Don’t blame a Realtor Blame yourself . ” Like my mom always said you can’t put Lipstick on Pig unless the Pig willing to stand still and try look good ”

If you want my Team help let us know we have help many Home owners . We Can provide a lot great help .