Why Open House Still important to Selling Your House # 60

So The Debate Is the Open House Really a Good way to Sell Your House ? Many Real Estate agent and even Real Estate Companies have Stop Believing in Open House to be used to Sell a House . With Technology with 3 D Scan Walk through, Videos and better professional photos .

This Real Estate agent disagreement with open House is that real buyers are only coming with Real Estate agent on Private appointments . The open House is really not getting Serious Buyers , They say your open house only getting Nosy neighborhood and buyers who can’t purchase your home .

I am here to disagree with this two points . I will agree that open House isn’t not get offers at the open House like it did back in the days of 2006 when I first started my Real Estate Career .

The open House is now used to draw the Eye to the House to make into an Event . On your House First week of Market You will See a extremely Busy open House if you Price and Market the House correctly. This Will Drive the Market to make offer quickly over time what drive Buyers back to your House . A Price Drop , Market Strategy and open House is were Buyer get notice of your House after sometime on the market .

Open House Does Drive nosy Neighbor but do you know that Average American lives only 18 Mile from Mother and They most case live blocks away . So sometime your neighbor maybe have family member on the market for new House . They also add to other guest to your House in Open House event every Guest make other Buyer see them as competition .

Buyer who are not Serious Buyer this statement is False . Buyer always Serious if they planed to Stop at your open House or even if the Sign got them to go look at your House . They maybe at the beginning stage but if the House is for them . They quickly get everything together to make an offer .

Now let me tell you two little Secret . You Go to Walmart or Target How would you Fell if every time You like go to see it the only way was by appointment and the Store need you make sure you purchase something . Now I know your House isn’t the same but just like you like keep your privacy a Buyer may want keep privacy from Real Estate agent question until he finds the right House . open House allow Them to see the house first before answering the question Real Estate agent have .

The Second Secret is the Debate of open House has start because Most Real Estate agent have been doing Open House to get new Buyers not just for your House but for Future House . They want Buyers for Business but Technology has Buyer getting Hiring Real Estate agent earlier . Most Buyers are coming to open House with already hired a Real Estate agent . This frustrates Real Estate agent who are in need of New Buyers for their business .

So at the end Ask your Real Estate agent Why they believe in Open House and Why they Don’t . You want See if they have any out of the Box thinking . You Need to know what strategy They will Be using to Sell your House be it Open House is apart of it or Not .