Your Listing Agreement Expired with your Realtor :What Now # 59

So Your Home didn’t Sell . Your must be full of questions . Then the phone calls Start the day your listing agreement expires . “Hello I am Real Estate Agent I see your House Has gone off the Market . I was just worrying Are you thinking about Relisting your House ? What is it that you think why your house didn’t sell . This were apart of my script I was taught in the starting Career as Real Estate Agent . Script Have improved from when I start back in 2005 .

I know this was not a great way for me to get business . Some Real Estate Agents into day Real Estate Market still Call Sellers . I know I need to Find other way to reach out to Sellers . I was more writing hand letter with simple Website Address in the Letter. The Website Had information for Sellers that would Help them Hire better real Estate agent sometimes me sometimes someone else . I know by Giving information I would win of many Sellers .

Here is the Over all of information I Shared with Sellers .

1) How Much Commission did you agree with your Past Real Estate Agent to Pay out to the Buyer Agent of the Total . This important because want offer more then Competitive Neighbor House . the average is 2.5% pay out 3% or 3.5%

2) Do You know How was your House advertising? What are in Marketing Details in the Flyers, Website Headlines . Are they using Social Media ( Facebook,Instagram,google ,ad-words How ? Why not if they say No

3) How is Your House Price Compared to Your Competitive Houses ? Be Honest with yourself . If you need to get a price then really think out of the Box way you can Sell Your House ? Let Rent to Buy Lease options

4) How is Your Agent Advertising Him or Herself ?

5) How many Deals Did Your Agent Close in the past Year ? What is Average in your office ?

6) What ideas is your Do your agent has to Sell your House ? What make it different from anyone who you interview ?

7) How is your House Staged , picture Professional .

So Reflect on this 7 questions . Before you call any agent back or have come to your Home . Start Also really think out side of the Box what can you or Real Estate Do different .