Why you need this Book In Your Home : “Home Your House Works”by Charlie Wing : #64

Hello Everyone Today Article . Is about a Book That add a great amount of Value to your Homeowner Life . So I am a Son of a Construction worker . I want to share with you this story because with in this story you understand why this book is important . I was born to go into some kind of Housing work . Growing up with my Father I played in Construction sites before I ever played in play grounds . I learn how to curse but most importantly I learned about Housing . I love it because I loved my Dad . This Build a Bond between us . So I ask every Question I could ask my father about Housing Construction to Sewer Line questions . You name it I want more information from him about it .

This is something my Dad loved because he love talking about work . I wasn’t handy with my Hands but the knowledge I was getting from my Dad would later come to help me with my Real Estate Career .

I became a Real Estate agent at 27 years old . I still was Renter and Still don’t much of Value to give to Seller or Buyer clients expect my Hunger to succeeded and this knowledge that my Father shared with me for the past 23 Years . Would become my Secret Weapon to becoming amazing Real Estate agent . I may say myself :).

Later in my Career I realized not everyone had my Dad in their lifes . There were a lot people who really need to get some knowledge about “How a House worked” . So I start to purchase this book for Buyer who search for the knowledge . You maybe asking why not all buyers . I don’t want the book going to waste I thought at the Time

Until one day around April 2017 I get a call from a past buyer client now Homeowner who having an issue with basement with water . I ask did you call anyone she said yes a Contractor who said the basement need to be water proofed and would cost her 5,000Dollars to do the work . I being curious I ask can I come by and you show me what the Contractor plans to do . So she said sure . As I walk around the basement I noted the sump pump so look into the Hole were I note that Sump pump float had broken . See below to diagram .

This all because my Dad had explain sump pumps to me . I was able to get a friend . MY Friend and I we able to install the Sump pump of cost 250 Dollars . I couldn’t do by myself again because I wasn’t handy . I just know how to find the issue and help guide solve the issue. .

This when I noted I never gave them the Book “How the House Worked ” If I had I think they would have been better prepared to interview the contractor . So Now I praise this Book . I think everyone should have it on their bookshelves .

Even if your not Handy understanding what is need to be done or were the issue maybe coming from help you SAVE MONEY and no one can take advantage of you .

So anyone who want give Awesome amazing House Warming Gift . Give them this Book ” How The House Worked ” By Charlie Wing . Below is my Amazon Affiliate link . If you purchase using the link a little money comes my way . The Book is around 10.00$. Again I am not writing about this book or giving a story to help Sell this book . I know a little knowledge can help save you later in life not fall for untruthful person or just someone not see the right problem . I use it like a priest use his Bible . I read it from time to time. Use it like resource when I get a call from past client or I have issue at my property

I hope you enjoyed this article because I must say it . Really was nice to write about my Father . He was my First Hero and my Greatest supporter even when I made mistakes .


Organizing Your Home ? What Can it Do For You Mental State . # 63

So Many Times I as Real Estate agents . I have walk into a House that with Clutter , the mess and Dirtiness . I just want to leave asap and even take 2-3 Showers . Feeling like I am Ace Venture in Pet Detective . I Don’t even want the present or even Sit Down . All the Time I asking myself How can Some one Live like this .

After Years of Study I understand why people live in Mess and Dirtiness . We are get a long look into their minds . This why Teenagers are commonly can be messy their growing up there is so much going on in their lives . Pressures , Fears of unknown ,trying to make everyone Happy and Finding themselves . The Clutter Connection will explain more Detail which I can’t . Clean up and your life will be set you reaching all your Goals .

So When You Start Your Organization Start by Focusing on one Room at a Time . I have seen people Focus on the Full picture . Start Small with Bathrooms First . Great Blog to look at with alot information Homemixblog.com. This were I got the Cool Check list . I not one to understand what is all need to organized but I understand the importance . You want a lesser crazy life Clean and DE-Cluttered your House .

Once You De-Cluttered , Organize and Clean . You should put time in your calendar to keep up with keeping it organized . You will see your Life improve .

Don’t also move everything in Draws just to not look at them . If you need it you should be using it . If not using the idea you should really thing about Selling it or Giving it away . If its a collection . You should make it into a display Don’t Think it cant be done you have let everything go to far . Start small each week you task is to go for one room . There is organization that take everything . They come to your House . http://www.vvapickup.org/ . Have issue with organization your issue keep living in clutter . Then when you can’t get the price that you desire for your House . Don’t blame a Realtor Blame yourself . ” Like my mom always said you can’t put Lipstick on Pig unless the Pig willing to stand still and try look good ”

If you want my Team help let us know we have help many Home owners . We Can provide a lot great help .

Want a positive House Hold ? Want Look forward to the Day. Help Secretly Easy get Buyer to want Buy your House # 62

So You All Have Seen Friends House With Signs Bellow . They may have them right as you Go into the House . Some People put this sign in Kitchen , Bedrooms , Back Yard and Living Room or Family Rooms .

I am here to Tell you this Signs and Positive words though out your House with Picture here and there of your Family Smile or Pets . Our You or even Friends Smiling . Will Bring Strong Positive Feeling through out your House .

This Signs are Tell you Subconsciously That this a great place with a lot of Love happiness . You will see that you cant get to upset or even hold any anger . This Powerful words through out your House will keep the House full of Love . You actions and Behavior with match the Words .

This why Real successful Business and Retail place have mission Statement all over their offices and Stores . The more you let Everyone Know How you like them to Feel as They come into your Place . The more They will feel that way .

If at this point you don’t believe me Try one sign in your Kitchen or over your Foyer . Any were You know everyone coming in and out of your House will see the positive Words or Word . You will see that behavior and action of everyone will change .

So let talk about you Selling your House . This Word or Words Labels though out your House Will so make the Buyer Sell at Home . Your Reaching their Subconscious mind don’t believe me Read NeuroMarketing- BY PATRICK RENVOISÉ & CHRISTOPHE MORIN & Buyology-BY MARTIN LINDSTROM . The Power to suggestion of words that feeling to subconscious mind .

So With This Powerful words in your House , The right Smells , The Clean Vision and The right Feelings . Buyers will move to make offers .

Let us know if you Start using the Powerful Words through out your House . Use the Words that you like to reflect in your Family and You . Let us know how it working we would love to hear from you.

Checklist Form you need As you Shop for Home : #61

New home or not so new, it pays to know what to look for regarding its structure, equipment and surroundings. Though a final assessment can be made by an inspection service company, this checklist can serve as a reminder of what you should look for – in order to make a wise buying decision.

Foundation. Check floors and walls for evidence of water seepage or moisture problems. Minor settling cracks not structurally significant.
Drainage. Sump pump for foundation draining. Crawl space dry.
Termite and wood rot. May require inspection from qualified exterminator for existing and potential problems.
Floors. Condition of flooring, whether plank or plywood. Solid construction of bridging and joists.
Walls. Condition of walls, whether drywall or plaster. Absence of water marks.
Attic. Sufficiently insulated and ventilated.
Fireplace. Damper in working order, flues to chimney clear.
Heating. Type of plant…minor periodic maintenance required – oil fan motor, lubricate bearings, clean humidifier, replace filters, etc.
Hot water system. Type and gallon capacity. How long present unit in service (if older home).
Electrical. Standard house current, number of circuits, outlets and circuit breakers sufficient for everyday needs. Condition of wiring.
Plumbing. Good water pressure throughout house. Tie-in to local water supply and sewage disposal system. Pipe joints clean and rust-free.
Appliances and fixtures. Range, refrigerator, dishwasher/disposal, laundry facilities, etc. all in working order. Accommodation for gas grill hook-up. Bathroom and kitchen fixtures in good shape.
Lot and landscaping. Grading level or properly contoured. Trees and shrubs sufficient for needs. Fences, walks, patio and driveway in good condition.
Exterior walls. Type suitable to weather conditions, need for any periodic maintenance (painting).
Doors and windows. Easy to open and close (or replace) for storm/screen removal or installation.
Roof. Gutters and downspouts in good condition. If older home, how long have shingles been in use? (Normal 20-25 year life-span.) Chimney flashing tightly caulked.
Garage. Doors or opener in good working order. Sufficient electrical and heating access.

Why Open House Still important to Selling Your House # 60

So The Debate Is the Open House Really a Good way to Sell Your House ? Many Real Estate agent and even Real Estate Companies have Stop Believing in Open House to be used to Sell a House . With Technology with 3 D Scan Walk through, Videos and better professional photos .

This Real Estate agent disagreement with open House is that real buyers are only coming with Real Estate agent on Private appointments . The open House is really not getting Serious Buyers , They say your open house only getting Nosy neighborhood and buyers who can’t purchase your home .

I am here to disagree with this two points . I will agree that open House isn’t not get offers at the open House like it did back in the days of 2006 when I first started my Real Estate Career .

The open House is now used to draw the Eye to the House to make into an Event . On your House First week of Market You will See a extremely Busy open House if you Price and Market the House correctly. This Will Drive the Market to make offer quickly over time what drive Buyers back to your House . A Price Drop , Market Strategy and open House is were Buyer get notice of your House after sometime on the market .

Open House Does Drive nosy Neighbor but do you know that Average American lives only 18 Mile from Mother and They most case live blocks away . So sometime your neighbor maybe have family member on the market for new House . They also add to other guest to your House in Open House event every Guest make other Buyer see them as competition .

Buyer who are not Serious Buyer this statement is False . Buyer always Serious if they planed to Stop at your open House or even if the Sign got them to go look at your House . They maybe at the beginning stage but if the House is for them . They quickly get everything together to make an offer .

Now let me tell you two little Secret . You Go to Walmart or Target How would you Fell if every time You like go to see it the only way was by appointment and the Store need you make sure you purchase something . Now I know your House isn’t the same but just like you like keep your privacy a Buyer may want keep privacy from Real Estate agent question until he finds the right House . open House allow Them to see the house first before answering the question Real Estate agent have .

The Second Secret is the Debate of open House has start because Most Real Estate agent have been doing Open House to get new Buyers not just for your House but for Future House . They want Buyers for Business but Technology has Buyer getting Hiring Real Estate agent earlier . Most Buyers are coming to open House with already hired a Real Estate agent . This frustrates Real Estate agent who are in need of New Buyers for their business .

So at the end Ask your Real Estate agent Why they believe in Open House and Why they Don’t . You want See if they have any out of the Box thinking . You Need to know what strategy They will Be using to Sell your House be it Open House is apart of it or Not .

Your Listing Agreement Expired with your Realtor :What Now # 59

So Your Home didn’t Sell . Your must be full of questions . Then the phone calls Start the day your listing agreement expires . “Hello I am Real Estate Agent I see your House Has gone off the Market . I was just worrying Are you thinking about Relisting your House ? What is it that you think why your house didn’t sell . This were apart of my script I was taught in the starting Career as Real Estate Agent . Script Have improved from when I start back in 2005 .

I know this was not a great way for me to get business . Some Real Estate Agents into day Real Estate Market still Call Sellers . I know I need to Find other way to reach out to Sellers . I was more writing hand letter with simple Website Address in the Letter. The Website Had information for Sellers that would Help them Hire better real Estate agent sometimes me sometimes someone else . I know by Giving information I would win of many Sellers .

Here is the Over all of information I Shared with Sellers .

1) How Much Commission did you agree with your Past Real Estate Agent to Pay out to the Buyer Agent of the Total . This important because want offer more then Competitive Neighbor House . the average is 2.5% pay out 3% or 3.5%

2) Do You know How was your House advertising? What are in Marketing Details in the Flyers, Website Headlines . Are they using Social Media ( Facebook,Instagram,google ,ad-words How ? Why not if they say No

3) How is Your House Price Compared to Your Competitive Houses ? Be Honest with yourself . If you need to get a price then really think out of the Box way you can Sell Your House ? Let Rent to Buy Lease options

4) How is Your Agent Advertising Him or Herself ?

5) How many Deals Did Your Agent Close in the past Year ? What is Average in your office ?

6) What ideas is your Do your agent has to Sell your House ? What make it different from anyone who you interview ?

7) How is your House Staged , picture Professional .

So Reflect on this 7 questions . Before you call any agent back or have come to your Home . Start Also really think out side of the Box what can you or Real Estate Do different .