First Time Home Buyers Visiting Open House :Questions to ask #54

As a first time Home Buyer , Most of Buyer start by going to open House . As you going to Open House . Start you really want to get a knowledge easily so you can make the process easily ? You want to ask Real Estate agents questions

You always want to ask the Real Estate agent what do they think of the price of the House ? There is no wrong answer you just want see how they handle the question.

You want to ask what is the average utility cost of the House ? This the real estate agent may not have it on hand but you want see if they follow up . Amazing Real Estate agents will get the answer for you before you even get out of the open house .

Were is the local Schools ? Real estate agent should know this . You want see if they are prepared .

What to know the age of the Systems ,roof and windows ? This always help you understand if the Real Estate agent is prepared . You always want to see if the agent understand Houses this why they can possible become your Buyer agent . So Real estate Sell House but don’t understand Houses . This can Cost you money later

Would you purchase this House ? There no wrong answer for this . You just want see what the Real Estate agent says .

What are cons of this House if there is any ? This other question you like to see how they handle .

Are the property Taxes for this House on the High side ,low side and normal side of the area ? This important because if the Real Estate agent is experience they would have the answer

If you feel like this Real Estate agent someone you like to work with ? Last question What is the Value you provide your Clients . This important question for you because value should be something you looking for in Real Estate .

What are some of loan Programs they hear of that work for First time Home Buyers? You want see if the knowledge of market will be helpful .

This the Last an Final Question : Can you tell me your most exciting Transaction or Client experience? You want to see what kind of Story they tell you if they tell you a story about helping a Seller and your Buyer . You may really want find out if they like working with Buyers . There is real estate agent out there that don’t want to work with buyers .