Why Most Real Estate Agent Fail in the Business After 2 Years?#47

I want to share this information on my Blog to try to help agents and Client in Sales or need to Tackle Fear. For the Mentors I had all the help I received . The help change my Direction from Failing to succeeding . I Love to succeed

The Biggest Challenge a Real Estate Agent has FEAR . As a Buyer or Seller Fear can also effect you . I have seen Buyers become fearful of the unknown in the process or Seller Become Fearful because there no appointment on the first weekend .

There is 4 Kinds of Fear Real Estate Agent will Deal with . As a New Real Estate Agent you may not see The All of the Kinds of Fears . You also may not taking into account all of the Fears .

  1. Fear of Change . So you have got a Real Estate agent . Awesome you have Start in one most Amazing Careers you can have . You will help so many people if you desire . So you think you can just tell people you do Real Estate and they come work with you Asap . Guess what your Friends and Family mostly will be the last Customers to work with you because see you as you . So you have to Change you have to Become a Real Estate Agent . You have change the way you see yourself . You have Change your Comfort Zone push it . Always kept a Edge . Be Extremely Welcoming of Change . Each Day Ask yourself what are doing to Change and How are you welcoming it. Remember if your not Changing Your not Growing. Your Drying .
  2. Feeling of Fear – You Always thinking How people are seeing you, How they think you? This start a Feeling of Fear . STOP your only think about How people See you because need to Start Loving yourself More . This the answer Start Loving your . Tell yourself You Love Yourself Each day 100 of Times if not 1,000 . I had to tell myself, I love myself more then 10,000 Times a day . Once you find yourself loving yourself . You will not be Feel Fear of anything people say that is not positive or helpful critics .
  3. FEAR OF THE UNKNOWN – So I Bold and Capital The letter of Number Three because this most important . I know you may not know when your get the next Deal , Next Client , You don’t know if you going to money Pay your Bills .I am hear to Tell you I was there. My mentor tried to help me with this in my early days . When you have no money you start to get Fear of the Unknown my future . I don’t have money but when you know that your working the process and set up your systems . You will be great shape . You want keep yourself focus on Clients/ interest first . What can you be doing to make your clients exceed to work with you . A write letter can go Along Way mail it . You be Surprised after a tour after an appointment . You see people love getting nice Mail . If you don’t have money to mail you can always hand deliver the letter . Also to help with issue you must be honest to yourself do what is need to reach your future clients . I look at everyone as a client . I never use the word prospect or lead . I only want clients . Your desire to make it you will make it all work out just say Commitment to Systems .

4. FEAR Coming From Outside Sources – News of any kind , Business News , Real Estate Magazines and People . They always have bad news nothing good to say . You need to always stay Reading , listening to what going on the real market . What happening locally like what business are coming to area . What programs, Events and Supports are happening in the Market . Stay focus on the positive news of Your Market place . People were still buying and Selling in the last Recession . Stay Market Focus Don’t let outside source stop you . This mean people who just don’t support . Stay away from people who Live for the Weekend . You live for life and passion

I hope this article help a little and if ever anything I am here .