Technology in Real Estate ?#50

With my Apprentice mind Set . I am always looking to see How Technology is changing Real Estate or Service offer that is changing the industry . I have notice Re/Max is Bring to the Front of the Table with Email with Videos in Side them . This Help with New Generation Who grow up looking at You Tube Videos. This Has become a game Changer . The way a email is sent and how Buyers & Sellers are getting their information .

Real estate agent should be in the Forefront.

With so many changes Does your real estate agent now about the changes in industry. From docusign, dot loop to Dropbox for cloud filing and get paperwork electronically signed .

It was about 6 months ago when agent ask me to fax her the offer . I haven’t fax any in years . I have email fax number but come on come into the 2019’s here .

Said to say but a lot of real estate agent are not working with technology. We have seen what happen to industry who don’t work with technology just as your local taxi driver who didn’t work Uber or Lift .

If you are in interview for real estate agent you should ask then some questions?

You should ask them how feel about technology?

What are some new tools they using to get houses sold ?

What are changes have come to the real estate industry?

How are they changing the game ?

Thus just some of the questions if looking for more questions just reach out to us .