What Should Real Estate Agent Focus on ? #35

So today I was thinking about what Real Estate agent should focus on . There is alot what agent focus on through out their days . I watch many Videos ,read alot of Books , Blogs and Facebook Lives . From other Real Estate Agents .

I see agent focus on their Branding .

I see agents focus on their prospecting for new leads .

I see agents focus on Real Estate Pictures of What on their Business Cards.

I see agents Focus on Worry what people think about them .

I see agents Focus How they are Gurus they know more then any one .

I see agents Focus on How they can Get more Sells

What I see as the most important think to focus each day on What Value are you bring your Clients/Customer each Day , What tool ,servers and Blog Post are you bring to your Customer /Client bring Value to their lives.

What new Ways are you finding to Sell their House Fast or Get Their offer accepted . Why should the client work with you? What is your Value to them . Their are 25,000 Brokers this not counting their license Real Estate agent in New York .

So you have bring Value to the Clients /Customer So Focus on Value . Everything Else will become Easy .

Day 7 of my Gratitude Challenge . I am Grateful for Fresh water . I am Bless to have ability to take a Shower Daily and Drink Fresh water . Thankful for Fresh water . If you like to join the Challenge check it out https://atomic-temporary-167053911.wpcomstaging.com/2019/11/07/ . Let me know if you have start your own Challenge . Best of Luck . Have an awesome day

Understanding Home Insurance and other insurances . #34

Homeowners insurance is made up of coverage that may help pay to repair or replace your home and belongings if they are damaged by certain perils, such as fire or theft. It may also help cover costs if you accidentally damage another person’s property or if a visitor is injured at your home.

To cut straight to the point, the primary purpose of property insurance is to protect your investment from Fire; Homeowners Insurance is designed to protect you in case of loss or damage to your property. The second most important purpose of property insurance is to provide liability protection.

Home insurance is mandatory if you got a mortgage/loan on the property . If you purchase your house with Cash it isn’t Mandatory but you should have it on your property . You don’t want something happening out of surprise not have anything covering .

It important to talk to an insurance agent early in the process . They will have questions about the property . Which will help you keep an eye out for in once you find a property

Clue Reports

If your Home owner You can get a free CLUE report for your home once a year from LexisNexis. You can request your CLUE report online https://www.lexisnexis.com/ or by calling (866) 312-8076. Here’s the catch for a home buyer: Only the owner of a property may access its CLUE report. So if your Home Buyer you can request to see if Seller has order their Clue Report

Also known as a Loss History Report, a CLUE Report is a record of insurance losses. Each month, participating homeowners and auto insurance companies report claims history information, which goes into a central database called the Comprehensive Loss Underwriting Exchange (CLUE). … CLUE Personal Property Report. You can also ask your Home insurance agent about Clue Report.

Other insurance Like Life insurance

Let me start by tell you all a story . I was in 2 -3 years . I was in the once one day and a lady came in speaking Spanish . That day their was no other agent in the office who spoke Spanish so they ask me who speaks Portuguese . So I brought her into my private office . I tried to help with my bad Spanish more like span-port. It when a person mixes Spanish with Portuguese. She tell me her husband has died and he was the Stronger Provider of the household . She only has 3-4 months of Saves and her housekeeping salary. To cover the mortgage and that she purchase the house that past year .

My First question who was your agent on the purchase to which she said an Top producer in office at then time . At this point my mind was say great he be back in the office in 20 minutes and I truly going to need his help . I was scared to give bad advice at this point . I never came a cross this yet . My second question what kind of life insurance Did your Husband have ? To which she replied nothing he didn’t have no life insurance .

At this point I was crying inside and she was crying outside . I start to run a Home price analysis report hoping that market had increase . To which it don’t , it had drop by 4% so I was now stuck to which the top producer came in and took over the conversation . She end up listing the house selling the house (short sale ) Post#13 has the meaning . The top producer gave her some is commission to help with get a rental place .

I never forgot that story because I always tell my buyer get Life insurance to the value of the house because if one of family member die you always have the mortgage coverage . The best idea is to pay off the house with Life insurance this way you only have Taxes and utilities to cover .

The second reason I never forget that experience. I wasn’t prepared for that customer that day . I learn after that day I will need to be prepared for all challenges that will be through at me . You can only grow from being finding solutions when others run .

I Forgot post my Gratitude challenge on my blog post because normally don’t right on the weekend . I have have been great with Facebook and my Journal

Thankful Day 3 Nieces and Nephews
Day 4 Thankful for pizza
Day 5 the unknown of the Day the surprise
Day 6 Friendship my friend have been great

Home Warrant Companies Worth the Money ? Buyers Get your First Year Covered For Free #33

Purchasing a home warranty, though, can help alleviate some of the financial burden new homeowners face when a major appliance or home system goes out. Yes, you’ll pay for a warranty upfront but the savings could be worth the added expense .

Below is A Slide deck of what most Home Warranty Companies provide . This was Taken from my personal choice https://www.choicehomewarranty.com/whats-covered/ . I have it on my properties . This keep me from Have to worry about Hot Water Heater Breaking and Running to get Vendor and coming up with 1,500 cost out of pocket . I us them Being I an investor . If you are not Handy or you just don’t have time . Best of all you don’t want any Surprises . I think this great for ALL Home Owners

I believe in it so much . If you Reach out to me and purchase a Home from my Team I will purchase the Home Warranty Free For one Year Starting December 1,2019 . Please Reach out to my Team at nuno.ribeiro@TeachingRealestate101.com. If you like to take advance of this deal .

Also most Plans Have Discounts for Teachers,Nurse,Police office,Fireflighters and Veterans

Keep in Touch With Your Real Estate Agent and Mortgage lender After The Transaction# 32

As Real Estate Agent , I have word hard in the past to keep in touch with most of my Clients . To be Honest I failed miserably in the last 5 Years I would say . Some of Past Client Have become my close Friends on Facebook we Click that like button on Family Pictures. I want more so this why I writing this Post .

When I was with Redfin I was always working on Translations , I left dont have time to really change up with my clients after the Translation was done .

This hurt me but it also hurt my client . I felt like I had Divorced them someway .

After the transaction there more of need for The Client and Real Estate Agent to stay in touch . For the Real Estate Agent is All Powerful Referral the Client Friend , Family or Co worker . Also The Friendship that Agents and Client will grow into is most important.

For The Client The resource is Update Home Value Reports which Client can Stay on top of what going on in the market . Trends what going on in the market being Real Estate agent are always Reading , Studding and working the Real Estate Market . We have help clients grievance their taxes , informed them about lower interest rate , new Taxes laws that will effect them and help with understand Building permits .

As you can see there is a lot of Value with staying in touch on Both Ends . I think having great friendship in Real Estate Business is one of most rewarding experience.

FYI , One my favorite client called me to tell me they were traveling out of the country for 4 weeks . They wanted to know if ,I had anyone I trust that could pass by Home just check on everything being it was winter . I know my clients they didn’t have any family in the area . So I told I would do it for Free to which They were pleased. I check the house , I think I was more happy that could help them then they think.

I share this story for Buyers and Sellers to know Relationship are two way Street . Don’t let the Real estate agent be only one reaching out .

Your Mortgage Lender can always be someone who can tell you about Refinance ,interest rate and even How to build your Credit higher levels . I know clients who turned their credit score 725 to 798 just from some advice their lender told them after closing .

So today is day 2 of Gratitude challenge. Naturally I am grateful for being a Dad to to my two boys . They make me smile 😃 and laugh . Feel like kid again . Check out the challenge @https://atomic-temporary-167053911.wpcomstaging.com/…/count-your-gratitude-f…/ if you want to Join in

Count Your Gratitude for a Year Challenge # 31

Each Night I ask my Sons what they grateful for . Some nights It Dogs,Cats , Birds , themselves , Mom and even sometime me . My Sons are 4 and 2 so I love that they come up with something each night . I don’t care what it is I just want them to get a start on being in the Gratitude attitude .

Gratitude Attitude can Change your Mind SET fast . So Being that it November and is the month of Thanks Giving . I want to Challenge myself and anyone who like to Join Me . My Challenge is to be thankful/Gratitude each day for something Different . We are not allowed to repeat what we are thankful for so if you say Today your thankful for Kids you will not be able to Write that as your Thankful for until Next year which start new challenge .

Really think challenge yourself . Have Fun with is . I will be posting my Thankful/Gratitude Statement at the end of each Blog Post . Also Posting the Gratitude on my Business / personal Facebook page. Also Instagram.

Why I doing this . For the past Year I thought deeply about Life . My be it middle life crisis . I would say it more like middle life observation , Any one who know me I always looking to grow because I always believe “if I not Growing as person your Drying as an animal’. I want to grow and look at the good in everything so that my ideas in my Business will Grow to Higher Level .

I also want to broke down my Borders in my mind, life and Soul .Want to show my Sons anything Can happen with Gratitude. This will push me to grow . I hope for everyone to join me . You don’t have post it but write it in a Journey daily and See what it changes in your life after the 365 days challenge .

I would love to hear from the Readers of the Blog to see if they going to do the challenge. If they do let me know if you see changing coming to your life.

If you like to share with us email us at Nuno.Ribeiro@teachingrealestate101.com.

P.S Don’t Repeat your Thankful /Grateful Statement Stay observer for New things

My First Thank you post is for my Wife Carla . She helps me see the miracles each day .

Questions To Ask Your Realtor/Real Estate agent Before Hiring them? #30

This post I think you should Print this out . This Post is going to be a Good one . I must say myself .


Why Did you become a Real Estate Agent /Realtor?

( this question will help get know what drive them )

Why Did you pick the company you work for or if Own Brokerage why did you start it ?

( You get to know what they think is strength of their brokerage )

Why is the one thing all your clients could agree about you if I was to ask them ?

( What is their Value promise to you )

Would you be able to share with me Review from them ?

(Proof that it been done before)

What to you think about Competitor Real estate Brokerage ?

Pick one this question want see if they talk bad . A strong person never talks Bad. ( my opinion)

How many Clients do you work with at given period ?

( they have time fore you this when if you need lot of attention )

How many are working currently ?

(Confirm )

How do you Handle your Volume ?

What is feeling on Open House, Price Drops, Price increases , Direct Mail Facebook and other marketing .

(You want know how they Feel because that you know what they believe )

What do expect from your Clients ?

( So you know what want from you )

Do you have Referrals or recommendations ( mortgage lender,contractors, plumbers,attorney )

( You can also ask the Referrals what they think about the agent )

What is your thoughts about if your Seller ask about the Buyers if your Buyer ask about the Seller ? same For Landlord & Tenant

( you see what they think about People)

What is your Average List To Sell Ratio percentage ?

( This important Because all Great agent Want High list to Sell Ratio if they Represent Sellers and Low list to Sold Ratio if they Represent Buyers) Ask to see it in writing .

What is the last thinks they learned about Real Estate and were did they learn it ?

( this will show if they still learning or they just think they know it all )

What is Hard Deal or Client you Dealt with in the past 3 months ?

( you want see if they learned from issues and hardship )

If there any questions you can think of that I may have over look let me know at nuno.ribeiro@teachingrealestate101.com

Want to Rehab make Money in Real Estate #29

Here is a great amount of wealth being build daily with investing in Real Estate . You Just have Choice How you going to invest.

You can start Flipping properties investor . You most likely see this on HGTV shows like Flip or Flop . They make it look easy with little Drama and Stress but everything works out .

This can be you . Start your Career as a Rehab flipper today . This also what you see Seminars . Were they teach you the Secrets . Were they tell you Buy my Program NOW For 39.99 I will teach you how I made millions . You can bet He just made a million Dollars on the Selling of his program . He most likely also teach you alot also . I am not here to put anyone down . I just want share with Free information

Yes you heard Free information so you can also become a great Rehab investor . So you dont’ know nothing . Were do you Start Going to give a Super RESOURCE http://Biggerpockets.com . Ok now I am done . Good Luck with Rehabs .

Just joking , First Step look for Rehab Real Estate agent . Someone who has worked with Rehab investors before . Also there is agent who do Rehabs for themselves . Let the agent know you interest in beginning your career in Rehab investments . Have you notice All my First steps are always Find an real estate agent . This key for a lot things getting start in Real Estate. It was important to get someone on ground floor of working on the issues daily .

Second Step- Find Contractor. Plumber and electrician . You must trust them . You will need them do the work . Your Rehab Real Estate agent may have referrals us them .

Third Step – Talk to a lender about Construction loans / 203k Loans . Also find Lenders that work with Rehab loans . Understand this loans will be higher interest rates but you will not be hold this property for to long. So really look number as whole Total Costs don’t get held up on small difference in interest rates . I have seen investor lose great Deals because of this focus on small interest margin . Hard lender, Capital Loans and Rehab loans . You will need to find right lender

Four Step – a Profit is a Profit please note this as you learn . You may not make 30%-120% returns on your first deal or even your 4 deal . Its about making profits and Learning to make more money on your next Deal . Each Deal your Team and you do . You will learn to work faster and better organized with each other .

Fifth Step – Looking for right Deal . This will take time don’t be in a rush . Location of the House is the most important part . Look at the Location I cant stress that important . You will need to be able to get ARV . Which in real estate is short for after repair value, or the estimate of a property’s value after all repairs and upgrades are completed . Of the property from your Real Estate Team member . Please note He or She is your Team member . They want you do 100’s of this deals they get wealth with you .

Sixth Step – Upgrade wisely . Stay with with what work with the area and your Target Buyer . You have look at it Building a House to Target the most amount of Buyers . You do need to Repair and Upgrade with quality but not always most expect items . You want the Buyers Raving about your Rehab . This will make you spoken about in Community and seen as great Rehab investor . This will be the GAME CHANGER .I have work with Game Changers and I sadly worked with losers that I want to stay away from .

Seven Step – Instagram. Facebook or YouTube your repairs , upgrades , Tell the story about the house ,the Deal how you got the house , Your Awesome Team . This will attract future Buyers to future projects . Also Show The Buyers That you have Home warranty on the House https://chwpro.com/ ( Choice Home Warranty ) Really look into get this Warranty .

Eight Step – Get a Home inspection by licensed inspector Before Your Repairs and After Your Home Repairs . This will make Buyer feel great about their purchase .

Ninth Step – Close on the House and Work on Finding the next project .

Bonus Secret Source – Not all Rehab need total Rehabs a House that just out Dated Kitchen , Bathroom can be the best house to do a rehab . There is a lot of great Deals out there you don’t have Go after the Bank owned , Foreclosure or short sales . There a lot average houses.

We are always here to help with anything . Email us at nuno.ribeiro@teachingrealestate.com

Third Party Is Power . #28

I have spoke about Third Party representation in the past Post like post . As when you hire an agent you are Hiring someone to representation you in Sell or Purchase of property . This Third Party Representation is what make using an real estate agent stronger then selling the House on your owe .

To explain this Third Party Representation . I had a (Friend) client call me once tell me she was talking to Seller By Owner (FSBO) .

She called me for advice , Most Real Estate agent my not help but I know let me Help because I know 85% of the Time Seller can’t Sell His or Her Own House . They get in their own way . Their emotions are to much tide to the out come of the Sell . This Goes for Buyer too.

So I go give this Client(Buyer ) advice on pricing,comps and how to present her offer . She does it like a professional better then I would . The Seller receive the email and the message to call her back . At which time the Seller Start Yelling at her that she is crazy and doesn’t know what she doing . She doesn’t know nothing . This of course make her turn off and she doesn’t want the property any more . The Seller lost a Buyer . He end up hiring a real estate agent 5 months later sold for 10 ,000 lease then her .

This Buyer was making 6 Figure Salary and was really smart but at that moment Seller yelled she know that she was going to Hire me .

So look at the Third Party representation as your weapon to work for you . They keep all your emotions from the other Side .

Other explain is when you purchase a Car How many time Have you seen the Sales person us the Manager as their Third Party person they can’t lower the price . They say let me check with my Sales Manager if we do that ? They even say their on your side . This the Power of The Third Party representation.

Finding The Student in the Real Estate Industry full of Gurus, Coaches and Specialist . #27

Hello Everyone

Today Post is how you find the best agent . I want to start by Sharing the meaning of each .

Guruan influential teacher or popular expert.

Coachesan instructor or trainer .

Specialist a person who concentrates primarily on a particular subject or activity; a person highly skilled in a specific and restricted field.

Studenta person who takes an interest in a particular subject.

As you can see there is 4 Categories who agents see themselves . There is nothing wrong with ANYONE OF THEM . I want to show you why the Student of the real estate industry is the best of the Categories. You should Hire the agent who see themselves as Student.

You will hear Real estate agent say I am little of all four . This also worst of the categories to try to say you little of everything . So you the master of none

I am a master student , A student is always learning , Reading,listing and changing . If your agent is Student of Real Estate . They will work to see the answers to the issues at hand not think they have all knowing Answers .

Real Estate industry is always changing because it influence the most important of Humans needs Shelter .

The Student look at this with Clear, Humbling eyes . They understand they don’t have the answer to everything but they will find who can help with each part of the process. They Listen to their clients and people around them . Really listing to the clients . What does the client need ? What the Client want? What is the easiest way to get everything for clients happiness.

I have watch agent be so into themselves they lose the deal and they lost not even know what clients want ? I always laugh at agent Statement of “I been in the Real estate business for 25 years I never ______ had this” . My answer is Real estate always changing this were you need to have Open Mind like a Student .

A Student agent start their day with wonder , They look for answer to questions daily .

One of the issues that come up with Sellers a lot the house hasn’t sold and it been on the market for more then average Days then other house in the Area . A Student would Come up with many ways Seller can maybe get there house Sold . Guru , Coaches and Specialist will say let Drop the price . I have heard that some many time in this Real Estate industry it makes me Sick .

Seller Should Really Test the Real Estate agents when it comes to Drop the Price . Agent if they see themselves Student they will have more then just Drop the price .

Real Estate agent isn’t Holly Gail of All knowing . This way the Student mind set is the most Strongest mind set with Dealing Day to Day Business in Real Estate .

Questions to ask your Agents .

How do they see themselves in this Real Estate industry ?

If they Read or Take Course ? What the last thing they learned ?

How are they applying that knowledge daily business ?

Do you thing Years of experience is important? What is the Good thing about working with Rookie/Newbie?

What they last time they had to disagree with Client ? What happened ?

Have a great day let me know need any help We are Here at nuno.ribeiro@TeachingRealEstate101.com . If you want to know more about Student Mind Set