Why The Fall/Winter is the Best Time purchase Home ? #45

So Your Waiting for Spring Market to Start Searching for your House . Awesome So is 60% more Buyers . You will have a great amount more completion. More Buyer means more offers to the Seller .

As a Buyer you should be purchasing when everyone isn’t Hunting . I know if your looking in Westchester Country /Putnam Country . You look with 23 F Degree weather I know it will be cold ,wet and sometime Dark .

When the House is under 60 F Degree the Heat is working or should be working . One of the most costly parts of a House is Heating System . You be able to check the System , You be ably to see if that Rainy week. The wettest season is Autumn with 26% of yearly precipitation this includes December . The Dark get Early you get to see how the neighborhood Changes . What street Lights or Neighbor House Reflect into your Desired House.

I know there not a lot of Houses on the market . Make a Real list what your looking For most of the Time it Location is the most important then its the Features 3 bed , 2 bath , 2000 sqft Blah blah blah . Know The Kitchen and Bathroom is out Date in todays Market .

There is 203 k or Construction loans that have Bathroom and Kitchen update to your liking . This will cost little more in the interest rate but you can make the House perfect for you . Most Cases you pay more for house already improved . Think about it Have you seen Fully updated Houses in your Budget range . In most case they sold fast and go close to asking or over . Sometime you have a great looking House but the location isn’t what your looking for . Remember Location is the most important thing in looking for a House .

The Holidays Slow down the Actively so you have Time to Negotiate with Seller for what you want . Most Case Seller who are on Fall /Winter then need to Sell which you have an advantage. Like a Seller if the Buyer need to Buy you have advantage.

If you can Close on the House before the Year end you can use it for your Year Taxes which can be Helpful . This you will need to talk to Your C.P.A about but this can awesome savings.

Key Take Away you will need a Real Estate agent who Loves Working with Buyers who can show you what Fall/winter House Hunting is the Real advantage . This something not All Agents are . Ask Questions . If you looking Study Guide with List of Questions to find that right agent.

Have Awesome Day