If Your Single Looking To Move out of NYC To Suburbs ? White Plains #44

Hello Everyone

This Topic I think will be interest for single people looking to Save some money in Rental or Purchasing Condo’s or Co-ops . I great place to move to out side of NYC is White Plains in Westchester . For Single person White Plains provides the Night Life if your looking for this with a lot of Different Diversity in Bars and Dance Clubs . Still 30 mins Train Ride to NYC Grand Central . Walk Around the City with Whole Foods , Stop and Shop , Westchester Mall All 10 minutes from White Plains Train Station .

Niche.com Give White Plains B+ in Crime Safety and A + in NightLife . You Still get into a great Restaurant or Bar on Saturday Night without Crazy Line . We cant Say that about some Part of Manhattan or Brooklyn .

Rent Average in White Plain for 1 Bedroom is 1,900- 4,000 With Higher side being in Luxury Building . Manhattan 2,500-8,000 with 7,000 being about equal Luxury Building in White Plains . The Median House Value in Manhattan is 915,300 and The Median House Value in White Plains is 5,13,500 Which Almost Half.

So If you looking for quit nights White Plains is much more Quit then most places in Manhattan . You will not have many night hearing people screaming in the Streets .

In the Spring / Summer/Early Fall . The Bronx River Parkway Closes on Selected Sundays and Give Residents the ability allowing bicyclists, skaters, joggers and walkers to cruise over 6.5 miles of the parkway without worrying about vehicular traffic.. Also there Path along the Parkway that has Bike Path for Day Ride . This much like Bike Riding in Central Park .


If your looking Arts There is ArtsWestchester in the City Center were you can get Amazing Experience https://artswestchester.org/ with out the crowd and over price Foods as in NYC .

burnsfilmcenter.org Burns Film Center is 15 mins by Train from White Plains to Pleasentville . Which also has Farmer Market Every Saturday through 3/28/2020
From 8:30am to 1:00pm .

So if your Single and Tired of living in NYC and want a more Balance of Life . White Plains Westchester is your Best Place .

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