What Websites Are you using To Search For Your Home or information ?Industry Secrets? #43

I going to be Extremely Start Forward with is Topic . This Will be Full of my opinions . You may Disagree and I OK with that . If you like to change my opinion great leave it in the Commitment section of the Blog . I will tell you I know a lot about this Topic . I once work for Redfin and Redfin Lives and Breaths Getting People to use Their Website . That one we talk about for 7 years I was working with them .

Top Websites used in USA

  1. Zillow – Zillow.com
  2. Trulia- Trulia.com
  3. Realtor – Realtor.com
  4. Redfin- Redfin.com
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So Today I will be talking about this 4 Websites Because this website at war for clicks and Downloads of APPS by FAR This Four at the Battle Front

I want Touch on little bit on a Local Westchester/Putnam country Website www.houlihanlawrence.com which in my opinion do have a great website with Update information and Re-boost Features . If you using Houlihanlawrence.com keep using you not losing . They have great school information and update the listing as they come on the market . If you looking outside of Tri-state area Houlihanlawrence.com is limited will not Service you . Hint Tip They are Great Search looking co-op being they new York Company have separate Section . All the national Websites put Co-ops with Condos because Co-ops are Extremely Rare in the Rest of the Untied States

Zillow.com and Trulia.com You maybe asking why did he put this two together . They are both owned by the same Company Zillow purchase Trulia back in 2015 . So even Through they have little bit of Difference Features they are the same company . What are there strengths they are every were in the United states so if you looking small town in New York they are there . They have Zestimate which to Some Real Estate agent this Just a mess but to Customer it put Home Value right there . Customer Always should ask the Real Estate agent if the information is accurate . Zestimate is only as good as the Data Zillow has . Data Mapping is pretty accurate . This help in understanding were the house your looking at is locate on the block

Zillow and Trulia Cons isn’t a Brokerage for Now this 8.4 Billion Dollar Company can Change that in Heart Beat . They Are Marketing Company mostly so they need Real Estate Agent to share their listing with them . Which has delays in their Listing of Homes Data . This can Hurt a Buyer if they looking in a Aggressive fast Market data updates are slow . Issue with Taxes Data other Trends Have errors and aren’t Accurate in most cases

Realtor.com – Let me start by telling you who owes Them . So you can see How much money this company is worth 2.5 Billion Yes I know Just a Website who provide Free Search and Data . Realtor own by News Corp better know by Rupert Murdoch,  with partnership with Move Inc who has a Relationship with National Association of Realtors. Which give them direct access to Multiple Listing Service without being a Brokerage . They better then Zillow with Update Listing they get the listing asap The Real Estate Agent is uploading it into their Local Multiple Listing Service (MLS) in 10-15 mins its on Reator.com. The mapping has gotten Better over Time . They Have accuate updates . Also everywhere in United States

Realtor.com Con isn’t a Big one Being they a great Search Website with alot a great information . My opinion is that they Super Pro Realtor( Real Estate Agent ) even though I am (Realtor )Real Estate Agent . I don’t think the expert knows all . I like to hear from people who live it more just Analysis it . That really my only issue with Realtor.com the data by experts .

Redfin.com– Unlike the other major real estate web portals (ZillowTrulia and Realtor.com), which get the majority of their earnings from advertising and lead generation, Redfin operates as a brokerage and makes money when users buy or sell homes with its real estate agents. Of the 4 Websites Redfin is only one that is a Brokerage which means they have own Real Estate Agent . They Also are inventors of displaying Houses on a Map format . They did before everyone . Redfin was the first to put Houses on a Map . Now everyone doing it . Redfin has Direct access to Multiple Listing Service which give them access get listing ( homes) information 5 minutes- 10 minutes from the time it Hits the Market . A lot of Real Estate agent use Redfin for their own searches. They also Have ability to Change quickly With add new Features Regularly .

Redfin- Cons They not Every Town and City in United States . They also have inaccurate Taxes information and sometime mapping issues .

Now Who would I use If I was Customer at the end of the Day the Best Website Currently to use is Realtor.com . Their App Also Re Boost they cover every Towns/city in United States and they don’t have issues other 3 websites have .

Disclosure – I worked for Redfin for 7 Years they are a Great Company a great website . I have been a Premier Agent Zillow.com which means I paid for advertising in the past and Trulia Also .

I am being as Forth coming as possible with my information . I am referral agent for Remax at no Time did I say anything about other National Brand Websites or Remax.com . Because Remax.com is number 5 in the nation . I felt it best to keep it to the top 4 why add Remax . Remax will be change thing soon but they not there just yet .

Industry Secrets

Agent Pay BIG money to get Customers using Websites like Zillow,Trulia and Realtor . They not always the best agent in the area . They pay to be on top of the search on the side or at the Bottom of Listing . They not always the Listing agent . Which can lead to Confusing the customer who working for who .

As a customer you should be looking to hire a Local Buyer agent or Seller agent . I am always here to help if need it any were around the World or ask a Friend or Family for Referral . You should be sitting down with Agents and find out their Values .

Real Estate agent / Realtor can set up a Search for you using Multiple Listing Service(MLS) which at the end of the Day is the Best way to get Searches set up . The real Estate also will have access to help you with Favorites. Email at nuno.ribeiro@TeachingRealEstate101.com If you like me to set you up with Saved Reach in Westchester/Putnam/Dutchess County area . Also Request Home Value Report from www.HomeValueReportNewYork.com free you get update every month about your home .