Pay it Forward ? #42

Today Topic is about what are We and You Doing to Pay It Forward . If you don’t know what is Pay it Forward meaning . Here you go Pay it forward is an expression for when the recipient of an act of kindness does something kind for someone else rather than simply accepting or repaying the original good deed.

You don’t have to share with Us what you are doing but it is something you should really think about if you are Bless in your Life . If you Feel that you don’t have Money you have Time . If you don’t Have Time . You Have ability just make people Aware of Organization get out there and helping .

Pay it Forward Saved my Life so many times I can’t even Count . Someone has help with Lending me money to Giving me a meal when I don’t have nothing eat . To friends lending me their cars to help get to work or work .

So I am a BIG believer , Every Time you Pay It Forward it Bring Strong Happiness to you for helping and It helps someone . This Start a Wave That Get Extremely Strong and Kindness Wave start . How may time have you hear stories of People at Drive Thru pay for guy behind Coffee and that going for 11 Hours worth of Customers .

So If you Don’t Believe Pay Forward inspires Your Community Watch this Video Also Below.

This endless Kindness Is something you can Teach your Children . You Have no Idea How much this can help People around you . So next Time You on Drive Thru or Just opening the Door for someone . Think about this How it Going to inspire the next person .

Once you start this you will never stop and you will Receive unbelievable magic in your life.

My Team is Paying it Forward to for Each Transaction We will Donate $50.00 dollars . We also donate $1.00 for every report requested on Our Goal is to Reach 5,000 Reports for 2020 .

My 15 Day Gratitude Challenge, I want to be Thankful For All the Pay it Forward(kindness act ) I have Received in my Life .

Also if you want watch an inspired Movie Pay IT Forward