When is it a Good Time to Sell ?#41

This a Question Every Agent get every day . We get from Strangers in the Street even by Your Uncle who wouldn’t even Sell with you . When I was working with Redfin . The last position Role I had was Seller /Listing Specialist which this question was ask of me at least 5-7 Times a week on appointments . At Redfin Being they did a Study on this topic we were will Trained .

Lets Start By what Day is the Best Day of the Week to List Your House.

Redfin Study Came to Find that Thursday is the Best Average 3,035 more and Monday being the worst Day Being Break even Day not making any more Money . My opinion why Thursday is the Best day by far . It the day everyone start to think about what their plans are for the Weekend . Remember a lot of people Live for the Weekend . If they Hunting for House this the day they start their look .

The Heaviest day on Zillow & Trulia Websites is Saturday but this also because everyone Home to search but you wouldn’t want put your House on Saturday because the even though the actively is heaviest most Aggressive Buyers already Have appointment set up for Saturday to See your House or the houses come up their automate search criteria. Also this when a GOOD Open House Campaign set up is Key you will get the Zilliow & Trulia Buyers .

So let Remember Data Has Proven Thursday is the Best Day See Redfin Blog https://www.redfin.com/blog/best-day-to-list-your-home-for-sale-2019/

What Month is the Best Month to Sell Your House ?

Most Agent would tell you the Time is Now because no one know what the market will be happening in 2 or 3 months from Now But lets look at the Data . Zilliow ran a research on this Question and Found MAY to be the best month Nationwide But there is some markets March & July is better . You will want look at the article but in New York were my Team works the Best Month is MAY . So you Should Start Preparing Now So when MAY Come you be Ready . Check out wwwHomeValueReportNewYork.com See what going on in the Area .


Day 14th of my Gratitude Challenge . I want to be thankful for Cafe Lalo . Were my First Date with my Wife happened . If you notice Wife has Life in the word . A Strong man will become Full of Life because of His Wife . The Wall in Cafe Lalo Also sent me message to Live By Its Good to Be Alive Poem . This All in one place . Happy Anniversary My Love . Thank you for making the Poem come to Life