Thinking Big : What it Grows and what happens by thinking small .#39

Above Sharing with a Book Link that Has a lot to do with is Topic : I Read this book about 3-4 Years ago . Didn’t Start to build Change in me until about Two Years ago . The reason It don’t effect me write away is being I believed I was thinking Big but I wasn’t . How did find out that I wasn’t thinking Big . I notice I was always talking about what I can’t do or about my limitations .

I was Real Estate agent Closing 35-38 Transactions a Year . My actions were working Big but I was thinking Small . Then I saw My Life going By and me not having everything I want .I wasn’t Serving the amount of People I want to . As a Company Redfin Touch millions but not me . There was nothing wrong with what I was doing . I know I want to serve a lot more , Do a lot more , Be a lot more and Bring a lot more to the Table .

So for First time in my Life I really Started to Think BiG. I saw the Magic of the Book . I start to remove the small thinking . I start to add Big Ideas . At this point my most of ideas are in beginning stage . The one idea I want to reach 5,000 Homeowners using my Website by this Year . If I reach my Goal I will be donating to New York Blood Center $1 for each Homeowner that signs up for Reports on the property .

This would have strong impact on me believe a Knowledge is easy if 5,000 Home Owners know what going on in their neighborhood . This would help Agent and Sellers alike when they think about selling be informed on what going on around them .

So Are you thinking Small or Are you thinking Big ? This question you should be asking yourself . I think Clients and Real Estate Agent alike . When your Selling your House ask yourself this question the answers you get will wow you . Also when your buying a house ask yourself this question too. This will be a A life changer . I know you heard me say this on other post . This why I post to help Clients and Agent see The Changes they can make by thinking and taking different action .

Words , thoughts are extremely import but action must follow . Read the book and watch what happens to you once think BIG .

Day 12 of my gratitude Challenge . Today I am thankful for my Brother . I don’t have picture of him he not Facebook would not like if i shared . Your first friend is your brother in life .