What Should Real Estate Agent Focus on ? #35

So today I was thinking about what Real Estate agent should focus on . There is alot what agent focus on through out their days . I watch many Videos ,read alot of Books , Blogs and Facebook Lives . From other Real Estate Agents .

I see agent focus on their Branding .

I see agents focus on their prospecting for new leads .

I see agents focus on Real Estate Pictures of What on their Business Cards.

I see agents Focus on Worry what people think about them .

I see agents Focus How they are Gurus they know more then any one .

I see agents Focus on How they can Get more Sells

What I see as the most important think to focus each day on What Value are you bring your Clients/Customer each Day , What tool ,servers and Blog Post are you bring to your Customer /Client bring Value to their lives.

What new Ways are you finding to Sell their House Fast or Get Their offer accepted . Why should the client work with you? What is your Value to them . Their are 25,000 Brokers this not counting their license Real Estate agent in New York .

So you have bring Value to the Clients /Customer So Focus on Value . Everything Else will become Easy .

Day 7 of my Gratitude Challenge . I am Grateful for Fresh water . I am Bless to have ability to take a Shower Daily and Drink Fresh water . Thankful for Fresh water . If you like to join the Challenge check it out https://atomic-temporary-167053911.wpcomstaging.com/2019/11/07/ . Let me know if you have start your own Challenge . Best of Luck . Have an awesome day