Keep in Touch With Your Real Estate Agent and Mortgage lender After The Transaction# 32

As Real Estate Agent , I have word hard in the past to keep in touch with most of my Clients . To be Honest I failed miserably in the last 5 Years I would say . Some of Past Client Have become my close Friends on Facebook we Click that like button on Family Pictures. I want more so this why I writing this Post .

When I was with Redfin I was always working on Translations , I left dont have time to really change up with my clients after the Translation was done .

This hurt me but it also hurt my client . I felt like I had Divorced them someway .

After the transaction there more of need for The Client and Real Estate Agent to stay in touch . For the Real Estate Agent is All Powerful Referral the Client Friend , Family or Co worker . Also The Friendship that Agents and Client will grow into is most important.

For The Client The resource is Update Home Value Reports which Client can Stay on top of what going on in the market . Trends what going on in the market being Real Estate agent are always Reading , Studding and working the Real Estate Market . We have help clients grievance their taxes , informed them about lower interest rate , new Taxes laws that will effect them and help with understand Building permits .

As you can see there is a lot of Value with staying in touch on Both Ends . I think having great friendship in Real Estate Business is one of most rewarding experience.

FYI , One my favorite client called me to tell me they were traveling out of the country for 4 weeks . They wanted to know if ,I had anyone I trust that could pass by Home just check on everything being it was winter . I know my clients they didn’t have any family in the area . So I told I would do it for Free to which They were pleased. I check the house , I think I was more happy that could help them then they think.

I share this story for Buyers and Sellers to know Relationship are two way Street . Don’t let the Real estate agent be only one reaching out .

Your Mortgage Lender can always be someone who can tell you about Refinance ,interest rate and even How to build your Credit higher levels . I know clients who turned their credit score 725 to 798 just from some advice their lender told them after closing .

So today is day 2 of Gratitude challenge. Naturally I am grateful for being a Dad to to my two boys . They make me smile 😃 and laugh . Feel like kid again . Check out the challenge @…/count-your-gratitude-f…/ if you want to Join in