Count Your Gratitude for a Year Challenge # 31

Each Night I ask my Sons what they grateful for . Some nights It Dogs,Cats , Birds , themselves , Mom and even sometime me . My Sons are 4 and 2 so I love that they come up with something each night . I don’t care what it is I just want them to get a start on being in the Gratitude attitude .

Gratitude Attitude can Change your Mind SET fast . So Being that it November and is the month of Thanks Giving . I want to Challenge myself and anyone who like to Join Me . My Challenge is to be thankful/Gratitude each day for something Different . We are not allowed to repeat what we are thankful for so if you say Today your thankful for Kids you will not be able to Write that as your Thankful for until Next year which start new challenge .

Really think challenge yourself . Have Fun with is . I will be posting my Thankful/Gratitude Statement at the end of each Blog Post . Also Posting the Gratitude on my Business / personal Facebook page. Also Instagram.

Why I doing this . For the past Year I thought deeply about Life . My be it middle life crisis . I would say it more like middle life observation , Any one who know me I always looking to grow because I always believe “if I not Growing as person your Drying as an animal’. I want to grow and look at the good in everything so that my ideas in my Business will Grow to Higher Level .

I also want to broke down my Borders in my mind, life and Soul .Want to show my Sons anything Can happen with Gratitude. This will push me to grow . I hope for everyone to join me . You don’t have post it but write it in a Journey daily and See what it changes in your life after the 365 days challenge .

I would love to hear from the Readers of the Blog to see if they going to do the challenge. If they do let me know if you see changing coming to your life.

If you like to share with us email us at

P.S Don’t Repeat your Thankful /Grateful Statement Stay observer for New things

My First Thank you post is for my Wife Carla . She helps me see the miracles each day .