Questions To Ask Your Realtor/Real Estate agent Before Hiring them? #30

This post I think you should Print this out . This Post is going to be a Good one . I must say myself .


Why Did you become a Real Estate Agent /Realtor?

( this question will help get know what drive them )

Why Did you pick the company you work for or if Own Brokerage why did you start it ?

( You get to know what they think is strength of their brokerage )

Why is the one thing all your clients could agree about you if I was to ask them ?

( What is their Value promise to you )

Would you be able to share with me Review from them ?

(Proof that it been done before)

What to you think about Competitor Real estate Brokerage ?

Pick one this question want see if they talk bad . A strong person never talks Bad. ( my opinion)

How many Clients do you work with at given period ?

( they have time fore you this when if you need lot of attention )

How many are working currently ?

(Confirm )

How do you Handle your Volume ?

What is feeling on Open House, Price Drops, Price increases , Direct Mail Facebook and other marketing .

(You want know how they Feel because that you know what they believe )

What do expect from your Clients ?

( So you know what want from you )

Do you have Referrals or recommendations ( mortgage lender,contractors, plumbers,attorney )

( You can also ask the Referrals what they think about the agent )

What is your thoughts about if your Seller ask about the Buyers if your Buyer ask about the Seller ? same For Landlord & Tenant

( you see what they think about People)

What is your Average List To Sell Ratio percentage ?

( This important Because all Great agent Want High list to Sell Ratio if they Represent Sellers and Low list to Sold Ratio if they Represent Buyers) Ask to see it in writing .

What is the last thinks they learned about Real Estate and were did they learn it ?

( this will show if they still learning or they just think they know it all )

What is Hard Deal or Client you Dealt with in the past 3 months ?

( you want see if they learned from issues and hardship )

If there any questions you can think of that I may have over look let me know at