Want to Rehab make Money in Real Estate #29

Here is a great amount of wealth being build daily with investing in Real Estate . You Just have Choice How you going to invest.

You can start Flipping properties investor . You most likely see this on HGTV shows like Flip or Flop . They make it look easy with little Drama and Stress but everything works out .

This can be you . Start your Career as a Rehab flipper today . This also what you see Seminars . Were they teach you the Secrets . Were they tell you Buy my Program NOW For 39.99 I will teach you how I made millions . You can bet He just made a million Dollars on the Selling of his program . He most likely also teach you alot also . I am not here to put anyone down . I just want share with Free information

Yes you heard Free information so you can also become a great Rehab investor . So you dont’ know nothing . Were do you Start Going to give a Super RESOURCE http://Biggerpockets.com . Ok now I am done . Good Luck with Rehabs .

Just joking , First Step look for Rehab Real Estate agent . Someone who has worked with Rehab investors before . Also there is agent who do Rehabs for themselves . Let the agent know you interest in beginning your career in Rehab investments . Have you notice All my First steps are always Find an real estate agent . This key for a lot things getting start in Real Estate. It was important to get someone on ground floor of working on the issues daily .

Second Step- Find Contractor. Plumber and electrician . You must trust them . You will need them do the work . Your Rehab Real Estate agent may have referrals us them .

Third Step – Talk to a lender about Construction loans / 203k Loans . Also find Lenders that work with Rehab loans . Understand this loans will be higher interest rates but you will not be hold this property for to long. So really look number as whole Total Costs don’t get held up on small difference in interest rates . I have seen investor lose great Deals because of this focus on small interest margin . Hard lender, Capital Loans and Rehab loans . You will need to find right lender

Four Step – a Profit is a Profit please note this as you learn . You may not make 30%-120% returns on your first deal or even your 4 deal . Its about making profits and Learning to make more money on your next Deal . Each Deal your Team and you do . You will learn to work faster and better organized with each other .

Fifth Step – Looking for right Deal . This will take time don’t be in a rush . Location of the House is the most important part . Look at the Location I cant stress that important . You will need to be able to get ARV . Which in real estate is short for after repair value, or the estimate of a property’s value after all repairs and upgrades are completed . Of the property from your Real Estate Team member . Please note He or She is your Team member . They want you do 100’s of this deals they get wealth with you .

Sixth Step – Upgrade wisely . Stay with with what work with the area and your Target Buyer . You have look at it Building a House to Target the most amount of Buyers . You do need to Repair and Upgrade with quality but not always most expect items . You want the Buyers Raving about your Rehab . This will make you spoken about in Community and seen as great Rehab investor . This will be the GAME CHANGER .I have work with Game Changers and I sadly worked with losers that I want to stay away from .

Seven Step – Instagram. Facebook or YouTube your repairs , upgrades , Tell the story about the house ,the Deal how you got the house , Your Awesome Team . This will attract future Buyers to future projects . Also Show The Buyers That you have Home warranty on the House https://chwpro.com/ ( Choice Home Warranty ) Really look into get this Warranty .

Eight Step – Get a Home inspection by licensed inspector Before Your Repairs and After Your Home Repairs . This will make Buyer feel great about their purchase .

Ninth Step – Close on the House and Work on Finding the next project .

Bonus Secret Source – Not all Rehab need total Rehabs a House that just out Dated Kitchen , Bathroom can be the best house to do a rehab . There is a lot of great Deals out there you don’t have Go after the Bank owned , Foreclosure or short sales . There a lot average houses.

We are always here to help with anything . Email us at nuno.ribeiro@teachingrealestate.com