Third Party Is Power . #28

I have spoke about Third Party representation in the past Post like post . As when you hire an agent you are Hiring someone to representation you in Sell or Purchase of property . This Third Party Representation is what make using an real estate agent stronger then selling the House on your owe .

To explain this Third Party Representation . I had a (Friend) client call me once tell me she was talking to Seller By Owner (FSBO) .

She called me for advice , Most Real Estate agent my not help but I know let me Help because I know 85% of the Time Seller can’t Sell His or Her Own House . They get in their own way . Their emotions are to much tide to the out come of the Sell . This Goes for Buyer too.

So I go give this Client(Buyer ) advice on pricing,comps and how to present her offer . She does it like a professional better then I would . The Seller receive the email and the message to call her back . At which time the Seller Start Yelling at her that she is crazy and doesn’t know what she doing . She doesn’t know nothing . This of course make her turn off and she doesn’t want the property any more . The Seller lost a Buyer . He end up hiring a real estate agent 5 months later sold for 10 ,000 lease then her .

This Buyer was making 6 Figure Salary and was really smart but at that moment Seller yelled she know that she was going to Hire me .

So look at the Third Party representation as your weapon to work for you . They keep all your emotions from the other Side .

Other explain is when you purchase a Car How many time Have you seen the Sales person us the Manager as their Third Party person they can’t lower the price . They say let me check with my Sales Manager if we do that ? They even say their on your side . This the Power of The Third Party representation.

Finding The Student in the Real Estate Industry full of Gurus, Coaches and Specialist . #27

Hello Everyone

Today Post is how you find the best agent . I want to start by Sharing the meaning of each .

Guruan influential teacher or popular expert.

Coachesan instructor or trainerĀ .

Specialist a person who concentrates primarily on a particular subject or activity; a person highly skilled in a specific and restricted field.

Studenta person who takes an interest in a particular subject.

As you can see there is 4 Categories who agents see themselves . There is nothing wrong with ANYONE OF THEM . I want to show you why the Student of the real estate industry is the best of the Categories. You should Hire the agent who see themselves as Student.

You will hear Real estate agent say I am little of all four . This also worst of the categories to try to say you little of everything . So you the master of none

I am a master student , A student is always learning , Reading,listing and changing . If your agent is Student of Real Estate . They will work to see the answers to the issues at hand not think they have all knowing Answers .

Real Estate industry is always changing because it influence the most important of Humans needs Shelter .

The Student look at this with Clear, Humbling eyes . They understand they don’t have the answer to everything but they will find who can help with each part of the process. They Listen to their clients and people around them . Really listing to the clients . What does the client need ? What the Client want? What is the easiest way to get everything for clients happiness.

I have watch agent be so into themselves they lose the deal and they lost not even know what clients want ? I always laugh at agent Statement of “I been in the Real estate business for 25 years I never ______ had this” . My answer is Real estate always changing this were you need to have Open Mind like a Student .

A Student agent start their day with wonder , They look for answer to questions daily .

One of the issues that come up with Sellers a lot the house hasn’t sold and it been on the market for more then average Days then other house in the Area . A Student would Come up with many ways Seller can maybe get there house Sold . Guru , Coaches and Specialist will say let Drop the price . I have heard that some many time in this Real Estate industry it makes me Sick .

Seller Should Really Test the Real Estate agents when it comes to Drop the Price . Agent if they see themselves Student they will have more then just Drop the price .

Real Estate agent isn’t Holly Gail of All knowing . This way the Student mind set is the most Strongest mind set with Dealing Day to Day Business in Real Estate .

Questions to ask your Agents .

How do they see themselves in this Real Estate industry ?

If they Read or Take Course ? What the last thing they learned ?

How are they applying that knowledge daily business ?

Do you thing Years of experience is important? What is the Good thing about working with Rookie/Newbie?

What they last time they had to disagree with Client ? What happened ?

Have a great day let me know need any help We are Here at . If you want to know more about Student Mind Set