Why The Fall/Winter is the Best Time purchase Home ? #45

So Your Waiting for Spring Market to Start Searching for your House . Awesome So is 60% more Buyers . You will have a great amount more completion. More Buyer means more offers to the Seller .

As a Buyer you should be purchasing when everyone isn’t Hunting . I know if your looking in Westchester Country /Putnam Country . You look with 23 F Degree weather I know it will be cold ,wet and sometime Dark .

When the House is under 60 F Degree the Heat is working or should be working . One of the most costly parts of a House is Heating System . You be able to check the System , You be ably to see if that Rainy week. The wettest season is Autumn with 26% of yearly precipitation this includes December . The Dark get Early you get to see how the neighborhood Changes . What street Lights or Neighbor House Reflect into your Desired House.

I know there not a lot of Houses on the market . Make a Real list what your looking For most of the Time it Location is the most important then its the Features 3 bed , 2 bath , 2000 sqft Blah blah blah . Know The Kitchen and Bathroom is out Date in todays Market .

There is 203 k or Construction loans that have Bathroom and Kitchen update to your liking . This will cost little more in the interest rate but you can make the House perfect for you . Most Cases you pay more for house already improved . Think about it Have you seen Fully updated Houses in your Budget range . In most case they sold fast and go close to asking or over . Sometime you have a great looking House but the location isn’t what your looking for . Remember Location is the most important thing in looking for a House .

The Holidays Slow down the Actively so you have Time to Negotiate with Seller for what you want . Most Case Seller who are on Fall /Winter then need to Sell which you have an advantage. Like a Seller if the Buyer need to Buy you have advantage.

If you can Close on the House before the Year end you can use it for your Year Taxes which can be Helpful . This you will need to talk to Your C.P.A about but this can awesome savings.

Key Take Away you will need a Real Estate agent who Loves Working with Buyers who can show you what Fall/winter House Hunting is the Real advantage . This something not All Agents are . Ask Questions . If you looking Study Guide with List of Questions to find that right agent.

Have Awesome Day


If Your Single Looking To Move out of NYC To Suburbs ? White Plains #44

Hello Everyone

This Topic I think will be interest for single people looking to Save some money in Rental or Purchasing Condo’s or Co-ops . I great place to move to out side of NYC is White Plains in Westchester . For Single person White Plains provides the Night Life if your looking for this with a lot of Different Diversity in Bars and Dance Clubs . Still 30 mins Train Ride to NYC Grand Central . Walk Around the City with Whole Foods , Stop and Shop , Westchester Mall All 10 minutes from White Plains Train Station .

Niche.com Give White Plains B+ in Crime Safety and A + in NightLife . You Still get into a great Restaurant or Bar on Saturday Night without Crazy Line . We cant Say that about some Part of Manhattan or Brooklyn .

Rent Average in White Plain for 1 Bedroom is 1,900- 4,000 With Higher side being in Luxury Building . Manhattan 2,500-8,000 with 7,000 being about equal Luxury Building in White Plains . The Median House Value in Manhattan is 915,300 and The Median House Value in White Plains is 5,13,500 Which Almost Half.

So If you looking for quit nights White Plains is much more Quit then most places in Manhattan . You will not have many night hearing people screaming in the Streets .

In the Spring / Summer/Early Fall . The Bronx River Parkway Closes on Selected Sundays and Give Residents the ability allowing bicyclists, skaters, joggers and walkers to cruise over 6.5 miles of the parkway without worrying about vehicular traffic.. Also there Path along the Parkway that has Bike Path for Day Ride . This much like Bike Riding in Central Park .


If your looking Arts There is ArtsWestchester in the City Center were you can get Amazing Experience https://artswestchester.org/ with out the crowd and over price Foods as in NYC .

burnsfilmcenter.org Burns Film Center is 15 mins by Train from White Plains to Pleasentville . Which also has Farmer Market Every Saturday through 3/28/2020
From 8:30am to 1:00pm .

So if your Single and Tired of living in NYC and want a more Balance of Life . White Plains Westchester is your Best Place .

If you want a Free Buying Co-op or Condo Guide in White Plains Fill Out Your Form We Send a Great Guide

What Websites Are you using To Search For Your Home or information ?Industry Secrets? #43

I going to be Extremely Start Forward with is Topic . This Will be Full of my opinions . You may Disagree and I OK with that . If you like to change my opinion great leave it in the Commitment section of the Blog . I will tell you I know a lot about this Topic . I once work for Redfin and Redfin Lives and Breaths Getting People to use Their Website . That one we talk about for 7 years I was working with them .

Top Websites used in USA

  1. Zillow – Zillow.com
  2. Trulia- Trulia.com
  3. Realtor – Realtor.com
  4. Redfin- Redfin.com
https://ssl.gstatic.com/trends_nrtr/1982_RC01/embed_loader.js trends.embed.renderExploreWidget(“TIMESERIES”, {“comparisonItem”:[{“keyword”:”/m/0bdn1t”,”geo”:”US-NY”,”time”:”today 12-m”},{“keyword”:”/m/012stwh9″,”geo”:”US-NY”,”time”:”today 12-m”},{“keyword”:”/m/0c2gbc”,”geo”:”US-NY”,”time”:”today 12-m”},{“keyword”:”/m/02px26r”,”geo”:”US-NY”,”time”:”today 12-m”}],”category”:0,”property”:””}, {“exploreQuery”:”geo=US-NY&q=%2Fm%2F0bdn1t,%2Fm%2F012stwh9,%2Fm%2F0c2gbc,%2Fm%2F02px26r&date=today 12-m,today 12-m,today 12-m,today 12-m”,”guestPath”:”https://trends.google.com:443/trends/embed/”});

So Today I will be talking about this 4 Websites Because this website at war for clicks and Downloads of APPS by FAR This Four at the Battle Front

I want Touch on little bit on a Local Westchester/Putnam country Website www.houlihanlawrence.com which in my opinion do have a great website with Update information and Re-boost Features . If you using Houlihanlawrence.com keep using you not losing . They have great school information and update the listing as they come on the market . If you looking outside of Tri-state area Houlihanlawrence.com is limited will not Service you . Hint Tip They are Great Search looking co-op being they new York Company have separate Section . All the national Websites put Co-ops with Condos because Co-ops are Extremely Rare in the Rest of the Untied States

Zillow.com and Trulia.com You maybe asking why did he put this two together . They are both owned by the same Company Zillow purchase Trulia back in 2015 . So even Through they have little bit of Difference Features they are the same company . What are there strengths they are every were in the United states so if you looking small town in New York they are there . They have Zestimate which to Some Real Estate agent this Just a mess but to Customer it put Home Value right there . Customer Always should ask the Real Estate agent if the information is accurate . Zestimate is only as good as the Data Zillow has . Data Mapping is pretty accurate . This help in understanding were the house your looking at is locate on the block

Zillow and Trulia Cons isn’t a Brokerage for Now this 8.4 Billion Dollar Company can Change that in Heart Beat . They Are Marketing Company mostly so they need Real Estate Agent to share their listing with them . Which has delays in their Listing of Homes Data . This can Hurt a Buyer if they looking in a Aggressive fast Market data updates are slow . Issue with Taxes Data other Trends Have errors and aren’t Accurate in most cases

Realtor.com – Let me start by telling you who owes Them . So you can see How much money this company is worth 2.5 Billion Yes I know Just a Website who provide Free Search and Data . Realtor own by News Corp better know by Rupert Murdoch,  with partnership with Move Inc who has a Relationship with National Association of Realtors. Which give them direct access to Multiple Listing Service without being a Brokerage . They better then Zillow with Update Listing they get the listing asap The Real Estate Agent is uploading it into their Local Multiple Listing Service (MLS) in 10-15 mins its on Reator.com. The mapping has gotten Better over Time . They Have accuate updates . Also everywhere in United States

Realtor.com Con isn’t a Big one Being they a great Search Website with alot a great information . My opinion is that they Super Pro Realtor( Real Estate Agent ) even though I am (Realtor )Real Estate Agent . I don’t think the expert knows all . I like to hear from people who live it more just Analysis it . That really my only issue with Realtor.com the data by experts .

Redfin.com– Unlike the other major real estate web portals (ZillowTrulia and Realtor.com), which get the majority of their earnings from advertising and lead generation, Redfin operates as a brokerage and makes money when users buy or sell homes with its real estate agents. Of the 4 Websites Redfin is only one that is a Brokerage which means they have own Real Estate Agent . They Also are inventors of displaying Houses on a Map format . They did before everyone . Redfin was the first to put Houses on a Map . Now everyone doing it . Redfin has Direct access to Multiple Listing Service which give them access get listing ( homes) information 5 minutes- 10 minutes from the time it Hits the Market . A lot of Real Estate agent use Redfin for their own searches. They also Have ability to Change quickly With add new Features Regularly .

Redfin- Cons They not Every Town and City in United States . They also have inaccurate Taxes information and sometime mapping issues .

Now Who would I use If I was Customer at the end of the Day the Best Website Currently to use is Realtor.com . Their App Also Re Boost they cover every Towns/city in United States and they don’t have issues other 3 websites have .

Disclosure – I worked for Redfin for 7 Years they are a Great Company a great website . I have been a Premier Agent Zillow.com which means I paid for advertising in the past and Trulia Also .

I am being as Forth coming as possible with my information . I am referral agent for Remax at no Time did I say anything about other National Brand Websites or Remax.com . Because Remax.com is number 5 in the nation . I felt it best to keep it to the top 4 why add Remax . Remax will be change thing soon but they not there just yet .

Industry Secrets

Agent Pay BIG money to get Customers using Websites like Zillow,Trulia and Realtor . They not always the best agent in the area . They pay to be on top of the search on the side or at the Bottom of Listing . They not always the Listing agent . Which can lead to Confusing the customer who working for who .

As a customer you should be looking to hire a Local Buyer agent or Seller agent . I am always here to help if need it any were around the World or ask a Friend or Family for Referral . You should be sitting down with Agents and find out their Values .

Real Estate agent / Realtor can set up a Search for you using Multiple Listing Service(MLS) which at the end of the Day is the Best way to get Searches set up . The real Estate also will have access to help you with Favorites. Email at nuno.ribeiro@TeachingRealEstate101.com If you like me to set you up with Saved Reach in Westchester/Putnam/Dutchess County area . Also Request Home Value Report from www.HomeValueReportNewYork.com free you get update every month about your home .

Pay it Forward ? #42

Today Topic is about what are We and You Doing to Pay It Forward . If you don’t know what is Pay it Forward meaning . Here you go Pay it forward is an expression for when the recipient of an act of kindness does something kind for someone else rather than simply accepting or repaying the original good deed.

You don’t have to share with Us what you are doing but it is something you should really think about if you are Bless in your Life . If you Feel that you don’t have Money you have Time . If you don’t Have Time . You Have ability just make people Aware of Organization get out there and helping .

Pay it Forward Saved my Life so many times I can’t even Count . Someone has help with Lending me money to Giving me a meal when I don’t have nothing eat . To friends lending me their cars to help get to work or work .

So I am a BIG believer , Every Time you Pay It Forward it Bring Strong Happiness to you for helping and It helps someone . This Start a Wave That Get Extremely Strong and Kindness Wave start . How may time have you hear stories of People at Drive Thru pay for guy behind Coffee and that going for 11 Hours worth of Customers .

So If you Don’t Believe Pay Forward inspires Your Community Watch this Video Also Below.

This endless Kindness Is something you can Teach your Children . You Have no Idea How much this can help People around you . So next Time You on Drive Thru or Just opening the Door for someone . Think about this How it Going to inspire the next person .

Once you start this you will never stop and you will Receive unbelievable magic in your life.

My Team is Paying it Forward to https://nybloodcenter.org/ for Each Transaction We will Donate $50.00 dollars . We also donate $1.00 for every report requested on www.HomeValueReportNewYork.com Our Goal is to Reach 5,000 Reports for 2020 .

My 15 Day Gratitude Challenge, I want to be Thankful For All the Pay it Forward(kindness act ) I have Received in my Life .

Also if you want watch an inspired Movie Pay IT Forward https://www.rottentomatoes.com/m/pay_it_forward

When is it a Good Time to Sell ?#41

This a Question Every Agent get every day . We get from Strangers in the Street even by Your Uncle who wouldn’t even Sell with you . When I was working with Redfin . The last position Role I had was Seller /Listing Specialist which this question was ask of me at least 5-7 Times a week on appointments . At Redfin Being they did a Study on this topic we were will Trained .

Lets Start By what Day is the Best Day of the Week to List Your House.

Redfin Study Came to Find that Thursday is the Best Average 3,035 more and Monday being the worst Day Being Break even Day not making any more Money . My opinion why Thursday is the Best day by far . It the day everyone start to think about what their plans are for the Weekend . Remember a lot of people Live for the Weekend . If they Hunting for House this the day they start their look .

The Heaviest day on Zillow & Trulia Websites is Saturday but this also because everyone Home to search but you wouldn’t want put your House on Saturday because the even though the actively is heaviest most Aggressive Buyers already Have appointment set up for Saturday to See your House or the houses come up their automate search criteria. Also this when a GOOD Open House Campaign set up is Key you will get the Zilliow & Trulia Buyers .

So let Remember Data Has Proven Thursday is the Best Day See Redfin Blog https://www.redfin.com/blog/best-day-to-list-your-home-for-sale-2019/

What Month is the Best Month to Sell Your House ?

Most Agent would tell you the Time is Now because no one know what the market will be happening in 2 or 3 months from Now But lets look at the Data . Zilliow ran a research on this Question and Found MAY to be the best month Nationwide But there is some markets March & July is better . You will want look at the article but in New York were my Team works the Best Month is MAY . So you Should Start Preparing Now So when MAY Come you be Ready . Check out wwwHomeValueReportNewYork.com See what going on in the Area .


Day 14th of my Gratitude Challenge . I want to be thankful for Cafe Lalo . Were my First Date with my Wife happened . If you notice Wife has Life in the word . A Strong man will become Full of Life because of His Wife . The Wall in Cafe Lalo Also sent me message to Live By Its Good to Be Alive Poem . This All in one place . Happy Anniversary My Love . Thank you for making the Poem come to Life

Steps to preparing to purchase a Home#40

Hello Everyone 

There many reason why I post my Subjects or how I come up with topic most of the time it is Clients or Realtor/Real estate agent that reminds me of the subject . In this case it was my wife  who ask me how does one prepare to purchase a house . So here it is step by step  before you even start  making offers.

1. Decide how much home you can afford

Generally, you can afford a home priced 2 to 3 times your gross income. Remember to consider costs every homeowner must cover: property taxes, insurance, maintenance, utilities, and community association fees, if applicable, as well as costs specific to your family, such as day care if you plan to have children.

2. Develop your home wish list

Be honest about which features you must have and which you’d like to have. Handicap accessibility for an aging parent or special needs child is a must. Granite countertops and stainless steel appliances are in the bonus category. Come up with your top-five must-haves and top-five wants to help you focus your search and make a logical, rather than emotional, choice when home shopping.

3. Select where you want to live

Make a list of your top-five community priorities, such as commute time, schools, and recreational facilities. Ask your REALTOR® to help you identify three to four target neighborhoods based on your priorities.

4. Start saving

Have you saved enough money to qualify for a mortgage and cover your downpayment? Ideally, you should have 20% of the purchase price set aside for a downpayment, but some lenders allow as little as 5% down. A small downpayment preserves your savings for emergencies.

However, the lower your downpayment, the higher the loan amount you’ll need to qualify for, and if you still qualify, the higher your monthly payment. Your downpayment size can also influence your interest rate and the type of loan you can get.

Finally, if your downpayment is less than 20%, you’ll be required to purchase private mortgage insurance. Depending on the size of your loan, PMI can add hundreds to your monthly payment. Check with your state and local government for mortgage and downpayment assistance programs for first-time buyers.

5. Ask about all the costs before you sign

A downpayment is just one homebuying cost. Your REALTOR® can tell you what other costs buyers commonly pay in your area—including home inspections, attorneys’ fees, and transfer fees of 2% to 7% of the home price. Tally up the extras you’ll also want to buy after you move-in, such as window coverings and patio furniture for your new yard.

6. Get your credit in order

A credit report details your borrowing history, including any late payments and bad debts, and typically includes a credit score. Lenders lean heavily on your credit report and credit score in determining whether, how much, and at what interest rate to lend for a home. Most require a minimum credit score of 620 for a home mortgage.

You’re entitled to free copies of your credit reports annually from the major credit bureaus:EquifaxExperian, and TransUnion. Order and then pore over them to ensure the information is accurate, and try to correct any errors before you buy. If your credit score isn’t up to snuff, the easiest ways to improve it are to pay every bill on time and pay down high credit card debt.

7. Get prequalified

Meet with a lender  to get a prequalification letter that says how much house you’re qualified to buy. Start gathering the paperwork your lender says it needs. Most want to see W-2 forms verifying your employment and income, copies of pay stubs, and two to four months of banking statements.
If you’re self-employed, you’ll need your current profit and loss statement, a current balance sheet, and personal and business income tax returns for the previous two years.
Consider your financing options. The longer the loan, the smaller your monthly payment. Fixed-rate mortgages offer payment certainty; an adjustable-rate mortgage offers a lower monthly payment. However, an adjustable-rate mortgage may adjust dramatically. Be sure to calculate your affordability at both the lowest and highest possible ARM rate.

*When your picking your Realtor ask him or her to recommended Lenders , Real Estate Lawyer , Inspectors because the best Realtors have a Team in place in  which makes everything quicker and easier from start to finish.

Today is day 13 of my Gratitude Challenge. I am thankful for having a shelter / Home . A roof over my head . A warm Bedroom . I am bless Check out https://www.liftingupwestchester.org/ . if you looking to help

Thinking Big : What it Grows and what happens by thinking small .#39

Above Sharing with a Book Link that Has a lot to do with is Topic : I Read this book about 3-4 Years ago . Didn’t Start to build Change in me until about Two Years ago . The reason It don’t effect me write away is being I believed I was thinking Big but I wasn’t . How did find out that I wasn’t thinking Big . I notice I was always talking about what I can’t do or about my limitations .

I was Real Estate agent Closing 35-38 Transactions a Year . My actions were working Big but I was thinking Small . Then I saw My Life going By and me not having everything I want .I wasn’t Serving the amount of People I want to . As a Company Redfin Touch millions but not me . There was nothing wrong with what I was doing . I know I want to serve a lot more , Do a lot more , Be a lot more and Bring a lot more to the Table .

So for First time in my Life I really Started to Think BiG. I saw the Magic of the Book . I start to remove the small thinking . I start to add Big Ideas . At this point my most of ideas are in beginning stage . The one idea I want to reach 5,000 Homeowners using my Website http://www.HomeValueReportNewYork.com by this Year . If I reach my Goal I will be donating to New York Blood Center $1 for each Homeowner that signs up for Reports on the property .

This would have strong impact on me believe a Knowledge is easy if 5,000 Home Owners know what going on in their neighborhood . This would help Agent and Sellers alike when they think about selling be informed on what going on around them .

So Are you thinking Small or Are you thinking Big ? This question you should be asking yourself . I think Clients and Real Estate Agent alike . When your Selling your House ask yourself this question the answers you get will wow you . Also when your buying a house ask yourself this question too. This will be a A life changer . I know you heard me say this on other post . This why I post to help Clients and Agent see The Changes they can make by thinking and taking different action .

Words , thoughts are extremely import but action must follow . Read the book and watch what happens to you once think BIG .

Day 12 of my gratitude Challenge . Today I am thankful for my Brother . I don’t have picture of him he not Facebook would not like if i shared . Your first friend is your brother in life . https://atomic-temporary-167053911.wpcomstaging.com/2019/11/07/

What in our Automatic Estimate Home Reports and Sign up ? #38

Our Property Website is www. HomeValueReportNewYork.com . You can sign up Free For Estimate Home Value Report . We Team up with E Property Watch to Give our Clients/Customers a Neighborhood Trend Updater every Month You Get a Awesome Report with information about the Neighborhood and More .

To Disclosure the Report doesn’t give information on Co-ops So if you like Our Team will send you Manual Report Just Reach out to US at nuno.ribeiro@teachingrealestate101.com . one of the Team members or I will get to work on it for You .

What is ePropertyWatch?

It’s about you

ePropertyWatch delivers information about YOUR home and neighborhood straight to your inbox. Not some dry, dull report about your town – it’s tailored just for you.

Your home’s value

Markets are dynamic and home values are constantly changing. With ePropertyWatch, you’ll keep your finger on the pulse of your home’s ever changing value. After all, your home is probably your #1 asset, so we’ll help you know where you stand!


Not only will you see what your home is worth today, but you’ll also see the industry’s leading “home price index” forecast for what your home might be worth years from now. That’s great for planning your real estate future.

Your neighbors

With ePropertyWatch, you’ll know exactly what is happening around you. From sales to rentals to foreclosures – you’ll have your finger on the pulse of your neighborhood!

Much more!

You can always Find the Sign up Form on the signed of this Blog page . Also there a Page with Form on this Website www.TeachingRealEstate101.com . Share it with Friend and Family they will love it no pusher to work with us . Have Awesome Day

Day 10 of my Gratitude challenge . I am thankful for my Heath . I am bless to be over all good heath .

How Do Real Estate Agent Run Home Value Reports #37

Simple of Comparable Market Analysis Home Value Report

Today want to talk about Home Value Report . Our Team is providing a Home Value Report with Estimate coming from a Computer Algorithm at http://www.HomeValueReportNewYork.com. Some times the Home Value Estimate is lower or Higher then what Your House Really worth . The System hasn’t seen your updates or your neighbors update it only taking in what sold . You will Find other Estimate online like Zillow Estimate and Redfin Estimate . Having the same issues . They are trying to bring something awesome to the customer . A Starting point of knowledge . At the end of the Day nothing bets a Home Value Report from licensed REAL ESTATE AGENT who been in your Home and also can make the right adjustments .

Manual Made Home Value Report

What Goes into a Home Value Report . Also known by Real Estate agent as comparative market analysis (CMA) is an examination of the prices at which similar properties in the same area recently sold. Real estate agents perform a comparative market analysis for their clients to help them determine a price to list when selling a home or a price to offer when buying a home .

Steps in CMA

  • Agent Looks at All the Actives, Pending , Sold in the area that are similar to your House (Sqft, Amount Baths,Bedrooms,lot size etc )
  • They then Compare Your property (Subject property ) to the Comparable Properties (Comps) . They pick up to 6 properties 1 or 2 Actives , 1 or 2 pending and 3-4 Sold properties .
  • Real Estate Agent now make adjust +/- to the difference of the Subject Property to Comps .
  • + With Value on Comp if Subject is better
  • – with Value on Comp if Subject is Inferior
  • They also Have look at What I call the X factor is the Subject property close to Highway, private road or on a Steep Hill . This can Be a Factor that be Hard to Find a Value Number to Adjustments to but Buyers wouldn’t be as interest in the property as must as the property in quiet street and level land . ( This were experience as Agent Helps a lot)
  • Agent also Drive By the Sold, Pending if haven’t been in them and visit the Active.
  • Agent then would give you a range from low side to the high side taking all the adjust number from comps to factor . Then they (agent ) would give explanation what the best number for you to get . What you want in your Results? Sometimes times the price is a reflection how fast you like to sell the property .

As you can See what goes in to Manual CMA Report is a lot of work for an Real Estate Agent . So next time you Request a CMA because your Selling or making an offer Remember this Post .

If you like to Track Your Neighborhood and Get a quick Estimate . Use www.HomeValueReportNewYork.com

Day 9 of Gratitude Challenge . Today I am thankful for the ability to Read . This has help me Read for Fun,Work and knowledge .

To Stage or Not To Stage To Sell ;That is the Question #36

So I am not a Home stagier never had the vision of a home stagier. I want to talk about this topic . A lot of Sellers don’t understand home staging .

Is it easier to sell a vacant home? a Question I get from Seller mostly from Boomer & X Generations

The short answer is NO, empty houses do take longer to sell than furnished, occupied or staged homes. A study from the Appraisal Institute found that vacant houses sold for 6% less than occupied houses and stayed on the market longer So This when HOME STAGING is Extremely important .

A large number of Buyers can’t get an understanding of space usage . Their mind look at the room as empty with no purpose and most of the time smaller then it really is .

This when a vacant House need to be Furnished . At this time why not call in an expert Home Stagier to let you know what is need . Get an outside opinion can open your mind to some new ideas and see what can work to help sell your House .

So you House is Furnished But every item is personal , large and Over welling the room . This can be great living at your home but know you are Selling a House .

The most important Thing to Think about is How are is Your House removing a the emotion from you and putting it in the Buyers Heart and mind .

Large Percentage of Buyers buy what they Feel At home with First . then they look at other things .

Today 2019 Buyer Really don’t want to do any work less and the less . I blame TV but that is for other Blog Post .

So the Question is it important to Home Stage Yes ALL the Time MAKE THE HOUSE FEEL LIKE A HOME . Let me tell you a little Secret start Prepare To Sell your House and being it to Market a full year before you do .

Starting December 1 ,2019 Our Team will be providing a FREE Consultation with Local Home Stager for anyone who Selling with our Team

For more information on Benefit : www.teachingrealestate101.com/