The Power of Emotion Drives Influence : Love Negotiation at it Highest Emotion #26

Hello Everyone

Today Post is Follow up Article to #19 post . So if your following my post you would have Read about the Source of the Negotiation I use . Love the Strongest Emotion , I came to found out it was greatest Tool to us in negotiations.

How do you use Love to win a House? or How Do you use Love to get a the House Sold ? You maybe asking . There is Great Books out there on the Art of Negotiations Like

Never Split the Difference
Great Book
Getting to Yes

So If you like to read them here is the links above . This two books are great will help you become great art negotiations. At this point you maybe asking why is he telling about other Negotiations methods . He still hasn’t told us about his Method . I want to start by saying for may years I have question myself about this Method because to simple . I have read so many books with C.I.A , F.B.I agents , Billionaires and Unbelievable business Man/Women . I have been told by some many people They are the best but not one use this Method . It made me always Second Guess my Method .

I been lucky/blessed to have help around 235 people in their purchase or sell of their asset in my 14 years . This ok career there Real Estate agents out there , that are in the 1,000’s . So I say truly who am I to say my Method is a great Method of Negotiations . As you recall in Blog Post #19 . I want to be a different kind of Real Estate agent . I want impact everyone in the transaction ; want to stand out as one of the best in the Real Estate industry in Hudson Valley Area

So the Method is Extremely Simple so it will make you second Guess it power . If I did when invented and start to use it . I said it cant be that simple smart people are out there not using this how can I found this to be so easy .


Let look How may brains do you think you have ?

Brain One is Reptile Brian this like were you get , Do I eat it , Have sex with it , Do I trust it . This Basic most animistic Brian .

Brain Two is your Emotional Brain this were your Emotions /Feels are add in

Brain Three is your Thinking Brain this were you put all the reasoning /logic together

At this stage you maybe saying’ wow wait a minute’ . You said this simple and you start talking about Brian . Surprisingly I only found out how Method work on the brain much later . It took me around 10 books, You tube videos and Udemy Course to understand what I found/invented Method How affect The clients/agents/attorney IN The Reptile Brain . The most primitive but most powerful part of the Brain.

The method of Negotiating with Love goes right the Reptile Brain and move the Client/agent forward to get what they want . Sometimes its not that House or not that Buyer for the House .

Method Start with You need to really Love Yourself . You really need to make sure you do . Ask yourself what make you Happy ? Do you talk about yourself in positive way?Do you Believe in yourself ? Do you take time to make sure your need and wants are met? When a person says who do you love does yourself come into the picture of your mind ?

Reflect on this questions think about them deeply because with out the answers the Method of Love (The Power of Emotion Drives Influence) will not work at 100% Power .

In my future Blogs Article I will Share with you the list of Each Step in Working the (The Power of Emotion Drives Influence ) by Love . I do this step by step basics Blogging because I know to much in one article . I will would only have one person read it . That isn’t not my Goal .

This Powerful Method , Will change your mind set, make you unbelievable Real Estate agent , Sales person in any industry , Life and any were you communicate with people .

Great book about loving yourself