What Weekend Warrior Is that What you are? #23

What I see on Friday

So Every Friday on Social Media . I watch people say thank God It Friday . As a Real Estate agent for 14 years my Weekend was show time so I was getting ready to tour clients or Host open Houses .

Over the years I watch people more and more celebrate the Friday and Dread Sunday night because Monday would come with work day .

If you are weekend warrior . What I mean is you waiting for that day off or Weekend to really do what you want .

I going be a really hard friend tell you stop living for weekend start living for each day . Start running your day . You have one life don’t let your job or even your career control your life . If you choosing your job or career to control then awesome . The chooses is your power . Don’t say you don’t have a choose . You have choose for everything . You must put you priority in order . What is your priority to travel , Spend time with Family and/or Friends . What ever it is start to day to make the choice .

You must be say I need to keep my job I can’t just quit . I agree don’t just quick but start planning a way to push yourself into freedom career so you spend your time with your choices .

I wake up one day wanting more out of Life . Wanting to hang out with my Wife and Sons all day . So I start making a plan this wasn’t over night . For some people it can be that quick that awesome . So I looked at everything I could do to make that happen . I put the steps into play . This past May 2019 I put the plan into a reality . I going to tell it a choice you must make for yourself . I share with you this because I want you to become a Life Warrior not a Weekend Warrior .

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