The Art of Negotiations with the Secret Source #19

Today We are going to talking about the negotiations between the Seller and Buyer . We found some other buyer tips in other article . we have dance around this topic . As you can see I am still dancing around So now I stop. Please note some information will be from other articles will come up . As a Buyer you should read other Topics before this one to get full picture

Here we go Step 1 ) The Question you should be asking When do you start the Negotiations ? I Say you Start right in the beginning once you decide that the house is the house you want . Your agent and you should come up with a plan once you know you want the house .

My Plan to get the Win you can use : I call it The Power of Emotion Drives Influence. I have used this over the past 11 years of 14 years of Real Estate Career . Most Agents don’t know I am using this on them or clients when I working for my clients .

How I came up with Style Of Negotiation. It a little different from All the books you read and the Styles you read about .

The story start with Me . On my third year of real estate just being an average agent working hard but Truly not working Smart I learned something . Coming from Portuguese Family Working Hard was the name of the Game . Work Hard and you will be rewarded . This great advice until one day . Nothing was working for me , I was so beaten I was in the office at my Desk just lost a other Deal crying not like a tears but really crying more like Pussy Bitch . When one of my Mentors tell me You have to get the emotion out of this Business you to emotional this will be your defeat in Real Estate.

At first I Removed all Emotion like my Mentor said . I negotiated more like Robot with a mission to win . I quickly won 2 Deals for my clients/buyers . I was thinking this great . If i keep working like this I will will won every time .

This came to bit me in my ass ,When I was helping a friend /client purchase his first house . After we closed my friend turn to me and says you work like a Robot no feelings .

In most case some agent would have been happy with statement but I was heart broken . He made me reflect why I became an Real Estate Agent which was to be apart of people biggest change and be a helping hand . This Robot Technique wasn’t going to being that pure happiness ; I desired in my Career. This really effect me it made me wake up .

I want more out each deal not just closing . I want Raving Fans, I want to touch people , I want to make friends for life . So I was back to Square one . Emotional Negotiation was’t working it was draining me and this Robot Negotiation was’t what I wanted it made me COLD.

So I was lost again.Back in the Beginning with no Hope . This when working smart came into Play .

I recalled an advice a Friend of mine in 3rd grade told me. Yes , 3rd grade The advice was about Teachers( I was put in Special Education trust me by mistake) but it worked here . “Don’t work against your Enemies work with what they give you.

So my enemies in Negotiations was Emotions , This was what Drained me and I couldn’t control . So I double down I look at the Strongest a emotion of all emotions . LOVE after Looking at this emotion of LOVE . I developed The Power of Emotion Drives Influence. All Emotion Start with LOVE so I start working LOVE like no other . Won DEALS in MAGIC STYLE .

Look at Love , Love drives Buyers to purchase a House for All reasons , Love drives Sellers to Sell for All Reasons . LOVE is the communication,the influence and Drive to make the deal .

Now that you know the Secret Source of Art of Power of Negotiation. I will go into more explaining How you can work the Power of Emotion Drives Influence in later articles. There still other article that must be pointed before get the Keys to the Power Source of Love .

Thank you for Reading , Thank you to all who support my family and I .