Knowledge Is Easy # 12

My logo Teaching Real Estate and Slogan name is Knowledge is Easy . I want to share why I pick both this name for Blog and Brand name . I had left Redfin Real Estate were I was there for 7 Years . I do Love the time I was there . Great company and Great Employees. Learned alot .

In life one of the biggest lessons I learned If your not Growing your Dying . I felt I want to grown in different way . So my Family and I moved to Portugal were I was born . I then I start working for Real Estate Referral Team were Advice Clients and Help them find the right Agent for them . I have built a strong network of agents worldwide . I keep building with Passion .

I always dream a starting a Honest and Start forward blog which I couldn’t at my past companies . This company give the freedom I live in Portugal. So I start this Blog For Clients , New Customers and Agent who need help . I always believed in Pay it Forward and if anyone has received help me . This Man has received more then I have ever given anyone . I once had a homeless man give Life saving advice . All because he had made that mistake want to save me from the same .

If you Read this Blog Pay it forward with your Career , Love , Friendship ,Time and if you have Money Even. Your life will be bless is so many ways that I can’t even tell you . You will see it say that Blogger had something right I can’t believe it . The writer had run on sentences ,grammar issue and even misspellings every were .

Who is his editor , the sad thing it is him , It the blind leading the blind .The funny thing is that Blind leading each other still get some were and have fun in the process . You be doing, What I did when the Homeless man gave me life saving advice . Don’t ignore this advice you will be Amazed .

So let me get to the Point here why Knowledge is Easy is the slogan , You can always read a book , article , Watch a YouTube video ,get advise from someone and even get the knowledge from you thinking something through . So as you get see Knowledge is Easy But you need to just apply it . Action is need it . Action is the muscle So that great Knowledge can Grow .


I hop you enjoyed this post it meant a lot for me to share . Action are need after the words are said .