Property Taxes What to know And Were To get the information # 11.

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Clients always has me how do they factor property taxes . How can get them down ?

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Property Taxes are Calculate using Assessment Value Multiplied By Taxes Rate . Easy we got it . Please Remember this because know what I going to say may start to get complex .

Assessment Value may stay the same but Taxes Rate Change This will affect the calculation and Versa . Were Taxes may go up .

Who Calculate the Assessment Your Town,Village , City Assessor .

How is The Assessment Calculate :

  • Market value of property lets say = $100,000
  • Level of assessment = 27% (City assesses property at 27% of market value)This can be 100% market Value Please note
  • Assessment = $27,000

You should Visit with your Assessor Before you purchase and /or When Do any Remodeling or Renovated. Your Should know your assessor by his/her name

Bellow is Difference of Assessment VS Taxes


Taxes Cover expenses for school districts, municipalities, counties and special districts.

How Taxes Calculated For example:

  • Town A’s tax levy = $2,000,000
  • Town’s total taxable assessed value = $40,000,000
  • Tax rate = $50 per $1,000 of taxable assessed value
  • Tax bill for property with a taxable assessment of $150,000 = $7,500

For more information

Please you can Grieve your assessment Value , You do have get the application from local assessor office which you should know by heart day one of moving in date. You can have professional Westchesrter/Putnam/Dutchess country – Richard O Donnell . He can also answer a lot of your questions .

I hope this information helps you can always email also if you have any questions