The Weapon We Have as People to be great at conversation ? How you need this Weapon in the Real Estate industry . #10

Last week , I was walking with my Brother to the local Hardwood store . Being as always I cant even change a light bulb with out getting hurt lol but I have my brother who can do anything I am Luck . Before I get lost in the topic .

Let go back to the point of this Article. I was walking and ran into a new friend as I introduce my brother to my new Friend . I cut of my new friend telling us a story to ask a bunch of questions . After my friend left my brother giving best advice says you don’t give him a change to speak .

My brother was right I wasn’t Listening first then talk . I was doing even worse I was talking over my new Friend . I should be listening . Like we have heard many time in the past we have 2 Ears and 1 Mouth we should listen more the we talk . I of all people should now this I was call Dumbo when I was a kid .

Listening is really listening , You need to be present when you listen . How does this help as buyer / Seller . This Help you understand what going on so you can ask the right questions of the process . If you don’t think you listening isn’t important as client . I had a client who didn’t listen to me and also didn’t read my emails . He moved into his condo and the electricity was turn off . This was Friday ,the Electric company wasn’t going to turn on the Electric on until Monday in December with under 32 Degree weather . The catch the condo was Electric heat .

A tip to help you listen better You should think as if you can learn from everyone you talk to. Each person has information that can make you million dollars or bring you great happiness . This works . If you lose focus at listening ask tell the person you talking to questions . This will help you build Listening SKILLS are important .

I going to leave you with quote from my First Boss in Real Estate

“People Buy People before they purchase products and services ” -Jim Weichert He was pro at Listening

Don’t let Your EGO GET in the way of making the Deal ? This Go for everyone Buyers,Sellers , Investors And YES you Real Estate Agents too #9

Watch out YOU EGO is HERE

Hello Ego , I know your there . I sometimes see you coming up when I think Right and I can’t admit I am wrong . Lets look at your Ego how does it hurt you . You take things personal but people are just trying to get what they want . We all are just trying to get what we want .

You have see your EGO for want it is what can help you build the drive , passion you need but it can also get in the way . As a buyer you should be looking at having the house as goal not Sticking it to the Seller ,Seller attorney or any other person in the Sell .

Seller it also the same but you Goal is to Sell your House

Real Estate Agents – I am talking to you . You first most important part of your job in the deal is to get to the closing table with least amount of Stress and Frustration by ALL Parties . YES ALL PARTIES . I have been apart of Deals were agents are telling me who they been 30 years in the business and they never had this happen . I can see there EGO in the way they talk down to me, Yelling and screaming . I could start screaming back but that would never help my clients get to the closing table .

I look at what is the issue and work to resolve it . This best way . At the end you closed the Deal your clients will be happy with RESULTS NOT THE DRAMA .


Above is quick read you read with in a day that has some much information . Control you EGO it will make the deal smoother and you also grow as a person .