Create a Team To help in buying or Selling in Real Estate purchase /Sell Process #8

Team Work reaching for Sky

We are not alone in this world . We are bless to have Family ,Friends , Co-workers and other people who have gone through the process. You need to get a TEAM together .Use Referrals from Friends & family to start but your Real Estate agent should have referral for everything also . If you use your Real Estate Referral Team your process should go smoother because everyone work together before .

You maybe asking why I don’t need inspector or attorney at this point . I just start my search for house . I still on favorites on my Searches or Having my agent sending listing. I haven’t even toured a house yet or I still just asking the neighbor what he paid for Mrs Smith house .

This is the TIME you need to be prepared before you start This can help make the process Fun and Easy not Stressful and Chaos .

Team Member but not limit too Because

REAL ESTATE SALEPERSON – Every Team leader ( YOU) need a Advisor . The Advisor does this ever day they eat and breath real estate even if you have sold and purchase before Agents bring outside perspective you need it Emotion clouds vision .

Home Inspector– This person will help understand what going on with the house .They give you check list of time line of Conditions of Roof, Heating system ETC . Please start talking to them today . They also know safety issues . If you start a relationship with them early .They can even tell common issues you will find with houses in the areas your shopping . What test you need to get. This person also important to seller if they want get a pre- inspection .

Mortgage lender or Broker – This person is like your Knight . They will get it done . Your Battle can be a smooth one if you understand banking words like -interest rates , rate -locks , underwriting , appraisal. Down payment questions also . You will need a pre-approval from them also to start touring homes . First question to ask what IS PITI? Book for questions : Mortgages 101: Quick Answers to Over 250 Critical Questions About Your Home Loan Read this book

Attorneys– This person is War strategist . They advice you on the contract ,make sure everything legal is in place , They coordinate the closing but you want ask a lot of questions up front because one you have place in mind you need to move fast . They can send a simple of Purchase agreement ( contract ) and answer questions along the way even before get into Binding agreement. Also make sure you attorney work with Real estate Law . I have seen attorney who take this on thinking it easy and then make a mess of everything . Also your attorney should love working with Real Estate agent .

REAL ESTATE Title Company – Some State is common practice that your Attorney picks the company it but you can do it . I think you should look it the company’s in your area. The Company responsible for helping property sellers and prospective buyers by confirming a sale is legitimate and ownership is properly transferred . Also there are two major varieties. Owner’s title insurance protects the property owner from title issues while lender’s title insurance protects the mortgage company.

Home Insurance agent – Your home will need to be protect from Fire,water and damages . This person is important to get the right coverage

Contractors,Plumbers, Electricians Handyman , House keeper , Junk Remover , Lawn care – This well come up if not now in the process but later it will come up have information all .

I hope this help with Your Team Building go out and Build your TEAM NOW DON’T WAIT . IT WILL COST YOU MONEY AND TIME LATER