Different Why to look at what you want to Get what you want in finding a House #7

I have seen People hurt themselves using the Wrong words . Buyers start with search in negative words and hurt road to the find of the house . First word the buyer should start with is My Monthly Budget .

The Price of House Don’t mean nothing unless you paying Cash . What is your My Monthly Budget get that clear as soon as possible. DON’T LOOK AT THE PRICE OF THE HOUSE .

Get into the habit of looking at it in MY Monthly Budget . I have seen buyer purchase house of their dream when change that one way of thinking . Houses they thought was out of price range were in their MY Monthly Budget . There is a lot more words which I share later articles . Thank you for reading my Blog

There is some great books on budget out there I attach link to Amazon below I am an affiliate Seller so I do get paid if purchase from the link


Love Real Estate but you don’t think your a sale person ( Sale People Are dirty ) # 6

Real estate agent presenting and consult to customer

Let me start by say I am a Really Dirty sale Man I love it . I know that everyone Sales every day . If you have children they are BEST SALE-PERSON you ever meet . Watch them they always working persuade you or people around them to get what they want . I hear some many time people say that guy is natural salesman not everyone has that natural Salesman Gen . I am here to Scream Bullshit . You are born a Sale person you just keep working the sales person in you or you them die .

Most people let their Sale person self Die just like their dream , imagination and Talents.


Start step is be happy to see sale people in every industry understand everyone in the sale business . SMILE at the Sale person even if it a Telemarketer or some asking for change on the street . Be honest with everyone you see business grow .

I have seen some the best Real Estate Agent who do cold calls not pick up the phone or even lie to the telemarketer . That to me show me they don’t believe in what they do . Cold Calling prospects can be a way to generate Clients ( leads ) You will not see me use the word leads because I learn 12 years ago the word Leads take away from me seeing a person . So remember look at everyone around you they are always Selling in their conversations So you should start too. Let everyone know you LOVE TO SALE .