The Power of Emotion Drives Influence : Love Negotiation at it Highest Emotion #26

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Today Post is Follow up Article to #19 post . So if your following my post you would have Read about the Source of the Negotiation I use . Love the Strongest Emotion , I came to found out it was greatest Tool to us in negotiations.

How do you use Love to win a House? or How Do you use Love to get a the House Sold ? You maybe asking . There is Great Books out there on the Art of Negotiations Like

Never Split the Difference
Great Book
Getting to Yes

So If you like to read them here is the links above . This two books are great will help you become great art negotiations. At this point you maybe asking why is he telling about other Negotiations methods . He still hasn’t told us about his Method . I want to start by saying for may years I have question myself about this Method because to simple . I have read so many books with C.I.A , F.B.I agents , Billionaires and Unbelievable business Man/Women . I have been told by some many people They are the best but not one use this Method . It made me always Second Guess my Method .

I been lucky/blessed to have help around 235 people in their purchase or sell of their asset in my 14 years . This ok career there Real Estate agents out there , that are in the 1,000’s . So I say truly who am I to say my Method is a great Method of Negotiations . As you recall in Blog Post #19 . I want to be a different kind of Real Estate agent . I want impact everyone in the transaction ; want to stand out as one of the best in the Real Estate industry in Hudson Valley Area

So the Method is Extremely Simple so it will make you second Guess it power . If I did when invented and start to use it . I said it cant be that simple smart people are out there not using this how can I found this to be so easy .


Let look How may brains do you think you have ?

Brain One is Reptile Brian this like were you get , Do I eat it , Have sex with it , Do I trust it . This Basic most animistic Brian .

Brain Two is your Emotional Brain this were your Emotions /Feels are add in

Brain Three is your Thinking Brain this were you put all the reasoning /logic together

At this stage you maybe saying’ wow wait a minute’ . You said this simple and you start talking about Brian . Surprisingly I only found out how Method work on the brain much later . It took me around 10 books, You tube videos and Udemy Course to understand what I found/invented Method How affect The clients/agents/attorney IN The Reptile Brain . The most primitive but most powerful part of the Brain.

The method of Negotiating with Love goes right the Reptile Brain and move the Client/agent forward to get what they want . Sometimes its not that House or not that Buyer for the House .

Method Start with You need to really Love Yourself . You really need to make sure you do . Ask yourself what make you Happy ? Do you talk about yourself in positive way?Do you Believe in yourself ? Do you take time to make sure your need and wants are met? When a person says who do you love does yourself come into the picture of your mind ?

Reflect on this questions think about them deeply because with out the answers the Method of Love (The Power of Emotion Drives Influence) will not work at 100% Power .

In my future Blogs Article I will Share with you the list of Each Step in Working the (The Power of Emotion Drives Influence ) by Love . I do this step by step basics Blogging because I know to much in one article . I will would only have one person read it . That isn’t not my Goal .

This Powerful Method , Will change your mind set, make you unbelievable Real Estate agent , Sales person in any industry , Life and any were you communicate with people .

Great book about loving yourself


What Kind of Showing Was It? #25

Types of Showings.png

One of the most frequent calls from homeowners to their agents is about the listing’s inactivity due to the lack of showings.  The homeowner commonly believes that the home is shown only when a buyer walks through the house with an agent.

Today’s buyers are more sophisticated than in the past due to the abundance of information available to the public on the Internet.  There are seemingly inexhaustible sites with homes for sale, valuation estimates and virtual tours.  There are extensive mapping sites with satellite images, traffic conditions, entertainment, shopping and other points of interest.

There are actually three legitimate types of property showings.  A knowledgeable buyer can view a home for sale online and make a reasonable determination of whether the home will fit their needs.  Occasionally, buyers will drive by a home to get a feel for the home and also the neighborhood which might cause them to eliminate any further examination or consideration.

The third type, the physical showing, certainly gives the buyer the opportunity for the closest scrutiny but is generally reserved for properties that have passed the inspections of at least one other type of showing.

Sellers should be aware of the different types of showings and that a sales agent’s job is to help the buyer find the right home.  The listing agent’s job is to market the home so that the right buyer finds it either through their own efforts or that of the buyer’s agent.

Increase your shows using Social Media

Credit Score And You !! #24

For years, consumers have been left in the dark about true credit score factors, and how they affect one’s ability to get a loan. Now, with direct access to self-serve websites such ascreditexpert.com and equifax.com, consumers are finally empowered to gain greater insight into personal credit; credit score myths, security against identity fraud and theft; and how to correct or improve a score. See below to have credit scores explained further.

What is a Credit Score?

A credit score is the result of a mathematical equation that evaluates many types of information that are on your credit report. Potential lenders will usually review your credit report and credit score, along with other factors, such as your ability and likelihood to repay debt.Credit scores are often called “FICO scores” because most credit scores are produced from software based on a model developed by Fair Isaac and Company (“FICO”). For more information about FICO scores, go to http://www.annualcreditreport.com.

What Makes Up a Credit Score?

The FICO score generally ranges from 300 to 850, and a higher score indicates a lower credit risk. FICO scores are calculated from many sources information in your credit report, which is based on the importance of the following five categories for the general population:

  • Payment History 35%Were Payments Made on Time?
  • Amounts Owed on Accounts 30%
    Is the balance owed close to the limit?
  • Length of Credit History 15%
    How long have your accounts been open?
  • New Credit 10%
    How many new accounts have been opened?
  • Types of Credit Used 10%
    Mortgage, auto, consumer finance accounts, revolving and installment loans.

What is Not in Your Credit Score?

  • Your race, color, national origin, sex, age, marital status
  • Your salary, occupation, title, employment information, or residence address
  • Any interest rate being charged on your credit accounts
  • Any items such as family/child support, rental agreements, credit counseling participation

What Can Affect My Score?

Your FICO score is a “snapshot” of your credit history at a given point in time, and can change based on the factors that make up your credit score.

  • Late Payments – Pay your bills on time and if you have missed a payment, get current.
  • Credit History- When you payoff a debt or collection, or close an account, the credit reference still remains on your credit report for a minimum of seven years.
  • High Balances – Keep outstanding balances low on credit cards and other “revolving” accounts
  • New Credit – If you have been managing credit for a short time, don’t open a lot of new accounts.


How To Improve Your Credit Score

Your score can improve by managing your credit responsibly over time and following some basic tips:

  • Make sure the information in your credit report is correct. You are entitled to one free credit report annually from the three credit bureaus – Experian, Transition, and Equifax. Visitwww.annualcreditreport.com to obtain your free reports. You may also purchase a copy of your credit score report through this website.
  • Review your credit report for accuracy (date opened, account balance, account limit, last activity) and have incorrect or erroneous information updated.
  • Pay down high credit card and revolving account balances, but don’t close the account. Don’t apply for credit that you don’t need – excessive credit report “inquiries” can lower your score.
  • Avoid moving credit balances from one account to another just to take advantage of low introductory interest rates. The combination of “inquiries” and “new accounts” can negatively impact your score. 
  • If possible, avoid “finance company” type credit accounts, including “90-day” and “12 months same-as-cash” accounts. Mortgage loans, installment loans and revolving credit card accounts impact your score more favorably than finance company accounts.

What Weekend Warrior Is that What you are? #23

What I see on Friday

So Every Friday on Social Media . I watch people say thank God It Friday . As a Real Estate agent for 14 years my Weekend was show time so I was getting ready to tour clients or Host open Houses .

Over the years I watch people more and more celebrate the Friday and Dread Sunday night because Monday would come with work day .

If you are weekend warrior . What I mean is you waiting for that day off or Weekend to really do what you want .

I going be a really hard friend tell you stop living for weekend start living for each day . Start running your day . You have one life don’t let your job or even your career control your life . If you choosing your job or career to control then awesome . The chooses is your power . Don’t say you don’t have a choose . You have choose for everything . You must put you priority in order . What is your priority to travel , Spend time with Family and/or Friends . What ever it is start to day to make the choice .

You must be say I need to keep my job I can’t just quit . I agree don’t just quick but start planning a way to push yourself into freedom career so you spend your time with your choices .

I wake up one day wanting more out of Life . Wanting to hang out with my Wife and Sons all day . So I start making a plan this wasn’t over night . For some people it can be that quick that awesome . So I looked at everything I could do to make that happen . I put the steps into play . This past May 2019 I put the plan into a reality . I going to tell it a choice you must make for yourself . I share with you this because I want you to become a Life Warrior not a Weekend Warrior .

If you need anything email: nuno.ribeiro@teachingrealestate.com

Read: The Millionaire Fast line This will Change you for life

Record Improvements Now Before Taxes Season. #22

There is a significant difference in how the money you spend on your home is treated for income tax purposes.  Repairs to maintain your home’s condition are not deductible unlike rental property owners who can deduct repairs as an operating expense.

On the other hand, capital improvements to a home will increase the basis and affect the gain when you sell which may save taxes.

Additions to a home or other improvements that have a useful life of more than one year may be considered an increase to basis or cost of the home.  Other increases to basis may include special assessments for local improvements like sidewalks or streets and amounts spent after a casualty loss to restore damage that was not covered by insurance.

Unlike repairs, improvements add to the value of a home, prolong its useful life or adapt it to new uses.

You can read more about improvements and see examples beginning on the bottom of page 8 of IRS Publication 523.  For a form to keep track of money you spend, print this Improvement Register.

Clients Don’t Want to Pay Commission But Why It best They do ? #21

Save Commission-250.jpg

One of the most common reasons buyers want to deal directly with the seller is because they feel they can save the commission.  It’s a valid consideration but interestingly, it’s the same reason the seller isn’t employing an agent; they feel they can save the commission.

Both parties cannot save the commission.  The buyer feels they have earned it because they’ve had to find the home, determine its value and negotiate with the seller.  They had to arrange their own financing, title and inspections.

The seller equally feels that they have earned the commission because they have incurred all of the marketing expenses and have invested hours upon hours to be available to show the property, hold open houses and answer inquiries.  They have had to research value, financing, title work and make decisions.

There is certainly value in all of the things that buyers and sellers are willing to do to save the commission but only one person can save the commission only if the buyer and seller can reach a written agreement.

There is value to having a third party advocate helping each party to the transaction.

The Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers

The three most difficult tasks identified by for-sale-by-owners is attracting potential buyers, getting the price right and understanding and performing the paperwork. When surveyed, sellers most value the home selling in an anticipated time frame and for an expected amount.

The reality is that both parties cannot save the commission.  It is earned by providing specific services that are essential to the transaction.  The capital asset of a home represents the largest investment that most people make.   An investment that important certainly deserves the consideration of a professional trained and experienced to handle the complexities involved.

A Real Estate Agent from NY(me) Response to Bloomberg Article By Chris Bryant #20

So my friend sent me an article from Bloomberg: Title Americans and Germans Are Being Fleeced by Real Estate Agents Germans (and Americans) pay far too much commission to real estate brokers by Chris Bryant . Chris opinion article was trash he really didn’t look at the USA Real estate brokerage . He assumed and made an ass of himself .

This happens a lot in the media when they write about or talk about the Real Estate market, Trends ,industry and more. They don’t really research or even ask an Real estate company or agent for opinion . I will link the article at the end of the blog for you to read. Don’t take Chris or my opinion as Gold look into it for yourself .

Chris made a good point that in the USA Sellers commissions are being split by Seller representative and Buyer representative agent . This a great point because it shows that USA has moved to caring about the clients . Putting the client interest first . Also making it easy and faster for Sellers to get a buyer . 2019 currently its 70 days on average in USA for house to sell . In UK its current average is 126 days which is 56 days more . That close to two more months of mortgage (interest,insurance,property taxes ) Seller has to pay .

Let do the math Seller selling 100,000 (Single Family ) in UK and 100,000( Single Family ) in USA. In Dollars for Both

United Kingdom 100,000( 4%)mortgage payment a month $400 Commission is 3% = $3,000 Difference of day on market 56 Days 13.33 a day $ 746.48 in total more in payment Seller need to clean up for other 56 Days lets say it 100$ a month for cleaning person comes out to 3,33 a day totals 186.66 . Lets Total it up 3,933.15. This doesn’t count the stress of Seller waiting for house to be sold . If I was to work out that number it be more like adding other 3,500 on top of the 3,933.15

USA 100,000 (4%)$400 Commission is 6% but everyone knows there range USA of 3%-6% Chris just had to look = $6,000

So this Chris is right at 6% USA is more not counting the Stress of the Seller but again Chris Just need to do some Research he would find US Real Estate Companies 2%-6% . Each company provide different services with Sellers would be happy .

Please note USA heath Care is private so as USA Agent we working to save our Client Stress level of UK Levels 56 Days is a Life time in Real Estate Life .

Also when agents only representing the Seller it creates a mistrust by the Buyers searching for Home . It builds more buyers fearing Real Estate agents trusting no one in the transaction . Making it for more stress but British do live longer so they can afford a little more stress then Americans .

So Chris “Said Now that Technology has come into Real Estate it is time for commissions to go Down ”

What a waste of Article if he just look at Real Estate in USA in the past he would have seen Commissions Fees of 6%-9% and more . To today’s commissions of 2%-6% . Chris this Commissions drops were done by the Market Clients want difference kinds of Service and Real Estate agents/Companies gave it to them .

You want Time is it Chris . It time to Stop trying to cut Prices of any Service just because Media has seen a hit doesn’t mean you should go around trying to bad month other industries.

Bellow is Chris Bryant article


The Art of Negotiations with the Secret Source #19

Today We are going to talking about the negotiations between the Seller and Buyer . We found some other buyer tips in other article . we have dance around this topic . As you can see I am still dancing around So now I stop. Please note some information will be from other articles will come up . As a Buyer you should read other Topics before this one to get full picture

Here we go Step 1 ) The Question you should be asking When do you start the Negotiations ? I Say you Start right in the beginning once you decide that the house is the house you want . Your agent and you should come up with a plan once you know you want the house .

My Plan to get the Win you can use : I call it The Power of Emotion Drives Influence. I have used this over the past 11 years of 14 years of Real Estate Career . Most Agents don’t know I am using this on them or clients when I working for my clients .

How I came up with Style Of Negotiation. It a little different from All the books you read and the Styles you read about .

The story start with Me . On my third year of real estate just being an average agent working hard but Truly not working Smart I learned something . Coming from Portuguese Family Working Hard was the name of the Game . Work Hard and you will be rewarded . This great advice until one day . Nothing was working for me , I was so beaten I was in the office at my Desk just lost a other Deal crying not like a tears but really crying more like Pussy Bitch . When one of my Mentors tell me You have to get the emotion out of this Business you to emotional this will be your defeat in Real Estate.

At first I Removed all Emotion like my Mentor said . I negotiated more like Robot with a mission to win . I quickly won 2 Deals for my clients/buyers . I was thinking this great . If i keep working like this I will will won every time .

This came to bit me in my ass ,When I was helping a friend /client purchase his first house . After we closed my friend turn to me and says you work like a Robot no feelings .

In most case some agent would have been happy with statement but I was heart broken . He made me reflect why I became an Real Estate Agent which was to be apart of people biggest change and be a helping hand . This Robot Technique wasn’t going to being that pure happiness ; I desired in my Career. This really effect me it made me wake up .

I want more out each deal not just closing . I want Raving Fans, I want to touch people , I want to make friends for life . So I was back to Square one . Emotional Negotiation was’t working it was draining me and this Robot Negotiation was’t what I wanted it made me COLD.

So I was lost again.Back in the Beginning with no Hope . This when working smart came into Play .

I recalled an advice a Friend of mine in 3rd grade told me. Yes , 3rd grade The advice was about Teachers( I was put in Special Education trust me by mistake) but it worked here . “Don’t work against your Enemies work with what they give you.

So my enemies in Negotiations was Emotions , This was what Drained me and I couldn’t control . So I double down I look at the Strongest a emotion of all emotions . LOVE after Looking at this emotion of LOVE . I developed The Power of Emotion Drives Influence. All Emotion Start with LOVE so I start working LOVE like no other . Won DEALS in MAGIC STYLE .

Look at Love , Love drives Buyers to purchase a House for All reasons , Love drives Sellers to Sell for All Reasons . LOVE is the communication,the influence and Drive to make the deal .

Now that you know the Secret Source of Art of Power of Negotiation. I will go into more explaining How you can work the Power of Emotion Drives Influence in later articles. There still other article that must be pointed before get the Keys to the Power Source of Love .

Thank you for Reading , Thank you to all who support my family and I .


Get yourself prepared for Winter with Winter Maintenance of your Home. #18

home maintenance 250.jpg

With Winter around the corner affecting much of the country, there are plenty of home owners who wish they were better prepared.  Even when you live in warm climates, some of these things are important to check periodically.

Preparing for the change of seasons can make your home more comfortable and protect your investment.  Regular maintenance extends the various components of a home and can generate savings in operating costs while avoiding expensive replacements.

  • Weather strips around doors and windows should be checked for possible air leaks.
  • Caulking around windows and doors should seal out moisture and air leaks.
  • HVAC should be inspected and serviced by a professional annually.
  • Smoke and carbon monoxide detectors should be tested regularly.
  • Ductwork and supply lines from water heaters should be insulated.
  • Fireplace chimneys should be cleaned regularly and fireplaces should be inspected for cracks in mortar and to see if the damper closes properly.
  • Gutters should be free of leaves and debris to prevent rainwater build-up.
  • Tree branches touching or hanging over your roof should be trimmed.

Please contact us if you need a service provider recommendation.

Hidden issues you can see in a house even before Your Home inspection SAVE yourself Time and Money .#17

Hell Everyone today , I going to point out some easy noticeable issue that you can spot even before inspection . This not to over look Hiring Home inspector This article just help you note some tips to help noting issues that may later come up in inspection . I am not inspector ,Ask your Local inspector for specific questions you may have .

Tip 1) You want to know the leveling of the land around the property , Not if any Slopes way from the house or to the house . This will help you note were water flows too. This will help you see if there any areas that can maybe effect by water damage or flooding.

Tip 2) See if there any Trees or Bushes growing close to the house . The Roots can grow into the house foundation or sliding cause damage . Trees can also can Lean over the Roof and Gutters . Clogging the Gutters which lead to water damage if not clean in a timely manner . No Sun exposure to the roof can also lead to Moss & Mold on the Roof

Tip 3 ) Electrical Panel / breakers have updated . This can be an issue come up with getting a mortgage . You just open the Door to the panel don’t need remove anything . Just see that they are Breakers not Fuses . If they are Fuses you need to talk to local agent and mortgage lender this

Below you can see two Electrical Panels both of them had been Recalled for Fail to Trip creating Fire Hazards One one left is Fedral Pacfic and right is Zinsco.

Asbestos on heat pipe

Tip 4 ) Asbestos is a term used to refer to six naturally occurring silicate minerals. All are composed of long and thin fibrous crystals, each fiber being composed of many microscopic ‘fibrils’ that can be released into the atmosphere by abrasion and other processes. Asbestos is a well known health hazard, and use of it as a building material is now banned in many countries. Inhalation of the fibres can lead to various lung conditions, including asbestosis and cancer. Many homes built before 1980 contain asbestos in old floor tiles, ceiling tiles, roof shingles and flashing, siding, insulation (around boilers, ducts, pipes, sheeting, fireplaces, attic ) . You can ask a local inspector for more specific questions .

tip 5 ) As you walk around the house be aware to see if the Floors are level. I also had buyers of one my clients Houses in the past only note a big slope in a Hall way at inspection. I don’t understand how they miss it .

There is a lot Tips you note as you walk around the house but If we go through all of them . You be doing self inspection at point you do need a inspector . The knowledge an inspector has really of great value . HIRE THE RIGHT HOME INSPECTOR .

If need any help email us at nuno.ribeiro@teachingrealestate101.com . I hope you like this little article.