Questions Buyers Should Ask Themselves #2

  Buyer must work with trying to understand why they want to purchase a home ; the most important is the WHY Question . Every question from how many rooms ,bedrooms, bathrooms  the style of kitchen and Style house , garage and /or no garage has to have the why .

It’s natural to get caught up want/needs criteria and not actual meaning of why you’re purchasing Which could be many reasons for every Question . There is so much you could be reasoning for buying there you’ll be because you’re going to have a growing family because you’re just want your own place maybe it is an investment property but you must figure out the why .

Really see the Why this will make you understand yourself why you’re purchasing if it makes sense for you purchase. I’ve always heard / Read Articles the buy versus rent is better or worse to Rent or Buyer I’m here to say it’s a bunch of shit. Who cares if your rent is lower ,who cares if you buy in your mortgage payment is higher it really comes down to two YOUR why are you buying and if answer your why it’s correct wherever it is you will make a choice .

I don’t need to tell you the rent vs buy option because you because if you really want to rent you will find a way to show me how renting is better than owning in many ways it is. you really want to buy and you really look at rent as a waste of money you going to really prove that is the way because whatever you think you will prove the magic of life.

So I see this really know your why that is how you going to know yourself Question of our purchasing why you’re looking into certain location you’re looking in why you want a short commute or a long commute why you need a car don’t need a car why you picked up style house why not pick that sell house.

Also, the picture a little boy because I wanted to leave you with a little image’leave your experience at the door every time in purchasing your next home or your first time. every deal in real estate is different no deals is normal ,average, complex , hard ,seriously extremely frustrating , a little of everything and don’t let anyone tell you different. this is a beautiful time if you’re buying your first home it a beautiful time if you’re selling your first time is a beautiful time if you’re buying your first property for investment it a beautiful time if it’s your hundreds Time Buying and Selling . All a Beautiful TIME